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    Well, I don't really want people to access the survey without paying for it before, and how would I offer the different levels of packages to a customer, and have them pay for it directly on the site?

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    Well, the idea is to have a Wordpress site (I'm the most comfortable with Wordpress, I have very basic skills on web design!) which then lets a client purchase 1 of 4 different packages (bronze, silver, gold, diamond) and they are then automatically sent a survey, where they answer all the questions asked (same questions for everyone) and then I review the answers and put my responses in an email, one that's been designed nicely.

    I also need the facility for a client to be able to attach files (they can on Survey Monkey) and then I send them back via the email, once they've been edited.


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    ah, thanks so much for the amazing detail :)

    This is a service based business, so there's no actual physical product. When someone purchases the service off woocommerce, and we sent out an automated questionnaire, the responses we give is actually the service.

    . User buys service off woocomerce > Automated survey sent to user > user fills in questionnaire > we review the questions answered by the customer > we sent client an email with our answers to their survey statements.

    The service I'm looking to offer is similar to a Best Man speech service, which is the closest I can find to the service type, but I'm looking to automate it and make it look a little smarter than what's currently being offered.

    With this info in mind, would this be the best platforms to use? Here's what I've got in mind:

    . Woocomerce for client to pay for service
    . Zapier plugin to auto send out the survey using the Survey Monkey
    . I review the answers, and type my answers into an already built HTML designed email

    Is there an easier/better way of doing this, or something that I'm missing completely?

    Thanks so much for your help :)


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    Thanks for your reply :)

    I did think of Mail Chimp, but once the customer has purchased the Woocommerce product, I need to send them 30+ questions (automated) that they fill in their answers. I then need to review the answers and then send them an email back with my answers to their questions.


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    I've also been trying to find the answer to a lot of these questions myself.

    Automatically sending a survey to a customer when they purchase an order. Woocommerce can be connected to Survey Monkey via this app: https://zapier.com/apps/surveymonkey/int­egrations/woocommerce

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    Hi all,

    quick couple 'o questions I have.

    I'm in the process of building a website that is based around a service business.

    When someone purchases the product on the website (woocommerce) I'd like it to send a survey via email to that the customer. Once the customer has filled in the survey, I'd then like to send them a smart looking email back with all of the answers to their questions.

    So far, I've made a small wordpress site with woocommerce, and then I've looking into Smart Survey for the survey, but how would I go about sending the client the survey autonomously when they purchase the products, and how do I respond to them with my answers with a 'professional' looking email, rather than just my regular email. Ideally, an email that is branded, has social links and just looks smarter.

    Thanks for any help :)