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    Ooops, my mistake. I thought it was 2018 still. I didn't attend 2018, so I can't comment on it.

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    I went to RHC in 2017, and have to say it wasn't as busy as I was expecting. Maybe the weather had something to do with it, but it just wasn't busy enough for a major company to see a positive ROI on sponsorship etc, possibly. It was 2017 I last attended.

    I understand a lot of the content will have gone on social media, blogs and cycling print, so quite a lot of exposure. This isn't a dig at RHC at all, I thought the event was fantastic and well put together, but I just didn't find it that exciting.

    This is 100% brand perception with no hard data, but I think the general public have lost their interest in RHC, and I doubt it'll be back again.

    I really loved the branding of RHC, it's what cycling has needed for a long time. Again, another opinion, but the TDF is incredibly boring, as are the spring classics. I watch them because I feel I should, but then turn off.

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    possibly this!?

    80% of the people I knew who rode fixed were uni students, so they've all grown up and got jobs now where they live outside of the city and commute in via car, train etc.

    Maybe we're waiting for a new wave?

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    I've recently been looking at Google trends and just randomly typed 'fixie' into the search.

    It's actually quite interesting to see the data on this, you can see exactly when people become more interested (as the weather turns) and then it drops as the weather declines.

    It seems to be the peak interested in all of these was August 2012. Quite interesting!

    I wonder how long it'll be until the revival of the 'fixie' happens, and it's coming from fresh perspective or nostalgia?

    I understand that most things have their sell-by date, but why did 'fixie' bikes get dropped so quickly? Was it just the pure hipster phase that came and went, or was it something more?

    tldr: 3.15am thinking

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    Awesome! :)

    I've been learning via Google Garage, Youtube videos and in general having a go myself with Google search console and Google Analytics.

    Anything you can suggest to rocket my learning?

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    Any of you guys/girls doing this for a living or enjoy it as a hobby?

    I've been working with a company for the last 6 months, and I've taught myself a little bit about SEO/SEM and I find it so damn fascanting!

    This thread is for all things SEO/SEM/general online marketing :)


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    Welcome :)

    Yes, wheels have gone.

    I've got a boat load more stuff, I'll try to upload this week.