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    here's a quick update on my XB3. I managed to save the original headset. built up some nice wheels with some dia compe hubs. stem and bars from an old bike. Just working out which bb/cranks to put in. I've got a pair of sturmey archer's I might throw in there. or maybe something a bit more classic. But I reken i'll go with something a bit newer.


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    the rear drop outs on mine are 110mm! i'll see if i can get some smaller spacer nuts or stretch the frame a bit.

    and the steerer on mine is ridiculously tight! to the point i chuffed up my stem and had a mini battle trying to get it out. I greased it up but it didn't help too much :/

    apart from that, the frame is in really good condition. new in fact. well.. a few scuffs and little dings... but i'm happy as can be and really looking forward to building this bike up... and ofc riding it.

    fun times :)

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    fwaaaaaaah! I wasn't expecting such a quick reply. Thanks guys :)

    @cbass: I came across your bike the other week on velospace when I was deciding on buying my frame. seeing your build helped me make my mind up. even as a beater... looks sharp!

    how did you go with the wheel spacing? Did you bend your frame out or just squeeze your novatech hubs in?

    I'm also having a hard time getting a stem in there. I've managed a bit... but its a really tight fit.

    @fff: i'm reading everywhere that some shims would be needed to get a tighter fit. i'd rather keep the original forks... but if the head set doesn't come good, then i'll have look into this option.

    i'm gonna try and spend a bit of time and try build the bike up as best I can. if anyone has any other pointers.. they'd be much appreciated :)

    cheers :)

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    thought i'd try and resurrect this thread and hopefully get some help.

    i just picked up a nice rekord frame and i'm starting to put it all together. I have the original headset but its not in the best condition. i'll give it a clean out tomorrow and see if I can put it all back together nicely.

    would it be possible to use the original cups and replace the rest?

    also, does a normal stem fits in there ok?

    thanks in advance