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    Thanks for the help everyone, I'll see if I can get those cups out

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    I'm slowly clearing out things I'd like to be rid of - I'll have more OT and bike related bits coming up periodically.
    Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/9BSCZ3x

    1) FW Evan Tourer 50ST 54TT £140
    Bought off retrobike a while back for my girlfriend, but didn't realise the TT was far too long for her.
    Hasn't been ridden in 6 months, and only occasionally in the last year or so, aside from a 2 week tour.
    Good: Really good quality frame (apparently one of the first tourers to come out of the Evans workshop), indestructible RS500 wheels, complete deore groupset with triple, nitto randonneur handlebars
    Bad: paint is chipped, it is clear that the frame hasn't been ridden in a while and has begun to seize up, many of the bolts have rust on them, the front end of the bike is a bit of a mess - it is a 1" threader fork, attached to the frame with a 1" threadless headset, with shimmed stem and canti-hanger (not my doing, but works for the moment). Will upgrade brakes to the Suntour SE set.

    I'm putting what I believe is a low price on this, as I'd like it to sell, but it definitely needs work. It will come with the missing skewer for the back wheel, and a choice of either a plush mtb saddle or a leather charge saddle. The price includes me replacing the chain and getting it rideable if not perfect. If you're planning on stripping everything and don't need to ride it home, I'll knock more money off.

    2) GT commuter/road bike 52ST 52TT £130
    Bought as I had a complete 105 groupset and I needed a commuter - as you can tell from the saddle height it is too small. I rode this everyday for 4 months, but riding into work the really snowing week a few months back wrecked the drivetrain and it needs new cableing, which I will do. Otherwise a really solid frame, and comes with everything bar saddle (though I have a few choices for you to pick a replacement).
    Good: recently powdercoated, good condition groupset (comes with original front derailleur and chainrings), really versatile frame
    Bad: shifting and braking are hit and miss at the moment due to corrosion (which I will rectify), some rust, BB clicks (octalink)
    As with the FW evans, if you will be stripping it and are happy to singlespeed it home, I will knock further money off if not re-cableing

    3) SS MTB frame £10
    Seems to have passed around the forum before resting at me, when I promptly stripped the bottom bracket threads. Looks like a really rad frame and if I didn't already have two MTB projects I would consider getting this up and going again.
    Could be a really fun run-around with a problem solver BB, or you can look at getting new threads cut. Comes with seatpost and seat clamp. Can throw in the wheelset I bought for it (deore hubs, worn rear rim, front fine) for £10, have further bits and pieces (such as truvativ crankset and handlebars) which I can also add for anotehr £10

    4) Tange Chrome Forks £20
    Some really nice tange chrome forks - bought for the GT but was told by Sam at Stayer that cutting new threads on the chrome steerer wouldn't be worth the effort, so bought new forks instead. Mudguard eyelets, 17.5cm of steerer, 3 cm of threads, ~5cm space at top of fork.

    5) J&L Narrow Wide Ring 100BCD 46t £15
    Bought the wrong BCD, was also destined for the GT. Unused

    6) Fretless Bass £70
    Just throwing this here in case there's any interest. Hoyer fretless bass - less than 5 hours of use, in mint condition. Really jazzy, but it was a waste of my first paycheck when I was 17, and its a waste of space now. Comes with good quality case and lead.

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    I bought a singlecross recently, and bought a shiny new cane creek set to go with it. CC have a handy headset fit finder which told me exactly which one to get.

    Unfortunately it doesn't fit properly - there is a lot of lateral play in the headset, and my local bike shop mentioned they have had these issues before with Allez frames.

    It seems Specialized have a proprietary system called mindset - do I have to use that?

    Otherwise, does anyone know which headset I can use with it?

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    Strange, it was working when I put it up. It's these: https://www.skibartlett.com/ski-equipmen­t-c1/avalanche-safety-c11/transceivers-s­hovels-probes-c41/scott-ski-strap-tie-ru­bber-orange-p1410

    If you hunt around you should be able to find some.

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    You can buy them from charlie the bike monger but these look like they would do the job for cheaper: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scott-Scot-20­9154-Ski-Strap-Tie-Rubber-Orange-/302280­962217

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    Brilliant, thanks for your help

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    I need an adaptor to make my Sram level brakes work with my surly karate monkey fork (51mm is disc mount). The distributor forgot to include one. Does anyone know what adaptor I'd need?

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    I have an old FW Evans tourer with a old deore groupset, 8 speed, triple at the front.
    Has front and rear rack and mudguard mounts.
    Top tube is around 54, but seat tube must be 50 or so - my 5'2"girlfriend was able to ride it with drops tilted back, with swept back bars (which I also have) it would fit perfectly.
    Give me a pm if you're interested.
    Would be looking for around £250