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    It's whether the basket works for it's intended or not, that it should be judged on. Assuming it does, I like the look of that bike.

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    I can't substantiate anything now, it happened a long time ago. So on that basis, I shall delete the post.

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    I don't know what they make pretzals out of but it's knot bread.

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    What's brown and sticky?

    Elton John's wedding ring.

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    On a bike, you shouldn't even be in the debris strewn margin, whereas on a trike it's all but inevitable that the inside wheel will be at least some of the time.

    Actually not. I don't like getting punctures and I don't like riding in crap. I ride well out from the curb because on a trike, the camber makes them dangerously precarious. Motorists might not like it but they seem to be very tollerant of me and are remarkably patient waiting for, gaps to pass. They treat me the same way they would, passing a horse. Although, I think they must assume I am a retard with special needs.

    I wave a thumb at them to relieve the pressure.

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    Hey Snottyotter, I thought I read your name on a loaf of bread, then I looked again, it said "Thick Cut".

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    No Dandy, I'm afraid your maths is completely shit. On a brighter note next time you come to the shop, I'll do you a good deal on pressure gauges. £10 each, or three for £35.

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    Oh yes, I forgot to mention.

    Negative Reasons

    You can't just point and glide like a normal bike.
    They need continual micro adjustment to control and steer.
    They don’t climb well.
    If you get out of the saddle, you lose traction and the wheels spin.
    They scare the shit out of you, when descending.
    They are noisey and have all sorts of quirky squeaks and rattles.
    They don’t corner well and have a tendency to plough straight on.
    Getting them to go round even moderate bends, requires learning completely new skill sets.
    Attempting corners at speed is tantamount to declaring you’re fed up with life and you don’t give a crap whether you live or die.
    Difficult to mount, you cant just swing your leg over.
    Children point and laugh at you.
    Teenagers throw things at you.
    They wreck the door frames to your house, taking them in and out.
    You can't fit mudguards.
    You can't take them on a train.
    The girls you'd like to shag won't be seen dead with you. (Again this might not be a trike issue???)
    To be accepted by other tricyclists, you need to have an eccentric moustache.
    They provide an additional reason for why people might think you're a cunt.
    50% extra chance of catching a puncture.

    Positive Reasons

    Errr... did I mention they are fun to ride?

    I might have one for sale, if anyones interested and I would recommend a test ride before purchasing. And that concludes the nationally infamous, no frills, no bull shit, take it or leave it, tell it like it is, if you don’t like it, there’s the door, Spa Cycles sales pitch.

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    I happen to like riding and racing trikes.

    Anybody still in doubt that Snail is demented?

    I have to admit, I can think of way many more negative reasons why riding trikes is a bad idea, than good reasons.

    Negative reasons.

    Rare and hard to find.
    Expensive to buy.
    Difficult to source spare parts for.
    Extra complexity.
    None compatability with modern componentry.
    Complicated and difficult to service.
    Extra weight.
    Extra wind resistance.
    Extra drag.
    Extra rolling resistance.
    Harder to ride.
    More effort required to control.
    No rear brakes
    Require more road space.
    Veer off course without warning.
    Pisses off motorists.
    Handle like super market trolleys.
    Most people think you must be a retard with special needs.
    Others assume you have balance issues and inner ear problems.
    They blow away in the wind when you leave them outside shops.
    Bulky to store.
    Follow the camber of the road.
    More expensive to paint.
    Larger paint surfaces offer greater opportunities to chip paint.
    I can't find anybody to ride with. (that might not necessarily be a trike thing??).
    Three chances of hitting each and every pothole.
    I only have two thumbs and I have three tyres.

    Positive Reasons.

    Pisses off motorists.
    You can stop and roll a ciggarette without putting your feet down in muddy puddles.
    Brilliant fun to ride.

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    I know what you mean, I found an old Carlton Flyer (1965 by my reckoning) and had it renovated - it rides better than anything else I own.

    I would love to be able to say that this Higgins, will ride better than anything else I own. But the honest truth is, all trikes handle like unstable and precarious, super market trolleys.