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    Did you get the Seka yet? Interested to hear your feedback if you did!

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    What's the length of the steerer up to the damaged bit? Cheers.

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    They all seem quite expensive, don't they? There are various cheaper options on SportPursuit around £30 (Rivelo iirc). No idea on quality though.

    I end up just wearing my shorts over my bibs usually.

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    I will be doing a week in Annecy In July, before a week in Les Contamines Montjoie. Annecy routes advice would be great!

    There is a mixed surface ride we plan to do over 2 days with my partner from Contamines to Bourg St Maurice. The area around Beaufort/Hautluce that you appear to have on one of your routes is lovely and quiet, with stunning views and decent (but not mega) climbs. If you go that way, I believe Col Du Joly is fully metalled - there is a restaurant at the top with views of Mont Blanc. There is a climb next to Lac de Roselend which looks fun.

    One thing to be aware of is that area is seemingly busy in summer with people walking the Tour du Mont Blanc, so refuges etc are already mostly booked.

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    Thanks for the reply, fingers crossed!

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    Saw this a few weeks ago and totally forgot. Probably way too late now, but worth a try as it's awesome!

    1) Mat-CR Large
    2) fussballclub Medium
    3) atz - large
    4) youramericanlover -XS
    5) 6pt – S
    6) snoops m
    7) Po - small
    8) amey - M (will collect from studio)
    9) cozey - L
    10) samrensho - XS
    11) exteroceptive - XL
    12) SwaTee - XL
    13) KingSaxlingam - L
    14) Merak-M
    15) nobrows-XS?
    16) Big Ted - XXL
    17) aftertheglory - L (postage to the Netherlands if poss)
    18) jakemcree - S
    19) ElGonzo - M
    20) ltc - M
    21) honk - L
    22) CalAmor - M
    23) TTM - XS
    24) Brain-Stew - M
    25) samdaniel - M
    26) mustardbeak -XL
    27) Jameo - S
    28) slothy - L (int. postage)
    29) cagimaha - M
    30) swmlon - XXL for collection
    31) tb55 - M
    32) lemesjeu - M + L (post to belgium, maybe combine post to EU if works out better?)
    33) tramp - M (happy to collect)
    34) efb - S
    35) jaeyukdapbap - L
    36) LeBlaireau-L
    37) BCarley - XL (happy to collect)
    38) djc – S
    39) carlosbrown - XL (post to Italy if possible)
    40) Jerome - XL
    41) Cloak/Dagger - M
    42) stelfox - L
    43) ghostface - M
    44) groakden - XXL
    45) themidge - M
    46) crow - L
    47) jzk - M
    48) Gustav - M
    49) DayTripper_Mk2 - XL
    50) duncs - S
    51) Scunny - L
    52) damitamit - XS
    53) RhysC - L
    54) Keepitmencap - L

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    Anybody own a Dolan GXA? Seems a similar offering to the Tripster, but slightly cheaper and with nicer paint IMO. Actually available immediately as a frameset. Imagine support is decent from Dolan. This build puts me off a bit! https://www.craftbikes.co.uk/forum/quest­ions-discussions/dolan-gxa-gravel-bike-b­uild-with-shimano-grx-di2

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    Non-ironic noob question.

    Currently running R7000 (50/34, 11/34) on the adventure bike, which is absolutely fine as 75% of riding seems to take place on metalled roads with pretty average climbs. What's the cheapest/easiest way to lower my inches (or however it's referred)? I'm not sure R7000 could handle an 11-36 cassette due to 39T total capacity. Same problem for a 48/31 GRX chainset. I'd rather not change too much, as it's just for a couple of weeks in the Alps where there are some lovely looking gravel roads, but scary gradients. I know my weak legs will be longing for an old MTB triple, especially when loaded up for overnights.

    Probably overthinking, but would prefer not to get in the cable car/hike a bike too much, especially as my partner will have a lovely e-mtb and it would just hold her up.

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    Brand new On One Free Ranger frameset for £499 with free postage.