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    Not that anyone probably cares, but would recommend doing this, shorter strut keeps fender really rigid. Plus shorter struts save important grams on this weight weenie build.

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    I want to mount a VO fender to my LHT. I have a front rack that means my preferred eyelet is taken. I could use a longer bolt and attach to the same eyelet, or bend the strut and attach to the less ideal eyelet.

    Anyone see anything really dumb in attaching the strut to my front rack? Obviously I then couldn't run the fender without the rack, but I don't see this an issue.

    See pic for deets.
    Thank you!

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    Thank you for this! Really useful. I'm planning to carry Haskell on past the advent of code, I feel like it is not a quick language to get competent in!

    Out of interest, in what capacity do you teach into Haskell?

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    My solution to day 3 in Haskell. AoC is the first thing I have ever written in Haskell and it shows! I am an aerodynamics engineer who uses MATLAB and Python to basically just deal with matrix operations. It's been tricky to adjust to a functional way of thinking & where everything is not just a matrix of doubles!

    main = do
        input <- fmap lines $ readFile "input_day03.txt"
        print $ countLetters (tail $ countTrees (every 1 input) [0,3..]) '#'
        print $ product $ countAllTrees input [1,1,1,1,2] [1,3,5,7,1]
    countTrees :: [String] -> [Int] -> String
    countTrees [] _ = []
    countTrees (x:xs) (y:ys) = [x !! (y `mod` length x)] ++ countTrees xs ys
    countLetters :: String -> Char -> Int
    countLetters str c = length $ filter (== c) str
    every :: Int -> [String] -> [String]
    every n (x:xs) = [x] ++ every n (drop (n-1) xs)
    every _ [] = []
    countAllTrees :: [String] -> [Int] -> [Int] -> [Int]
    countAllTrees input (x:xs) (y:ys) = 
            [countLetters (tail $ countTrees (every x input) [0,y..]) '#'] 
            ++ countAllTrees input xs ys
    countAllTrees _ [] _ = []
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    Anyone else doing this is Haskell? I'm pretty new to it and had to fight my way through the first two days!

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    I have some, will send you a message.

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    I have some that I could part with. Hollogram SI 172.5, in nice condition, with a worn spider ring thrown in for free. Send me a message if you want some pics/discuss price.