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    Paid up postage and left my address on paypal - many thanks!

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    For Sale: is my Marin Bobcat Trail 27.5" extra large

    Are you tall and do you want a fairly standard hardtail mountain bike? I think this is a XL with a top tube C-C of about 24" and set tube C-T of about 20.5". Its stand-over height is 32". I am 6' 2" and it just fits me - I'd assume you will be as tall or maybe taller to properly enjoy this bike.

    I got this back in spring 2016 through insurance after our garage was broken into and bikes stolen. Unfortunately, I made a mistake at the time and ordered the wrong size frame - oops - it was manageable for me, but its taken me a while to accept I made a mistake! - I am the only one of the family tall enough to ride this and instead I want to get something my brother and others can ride when down at our family home in Cornwall.

    Its been out on some great mining trails in Cornwall - probably done about 150 miles tops and otherwise its been sitting in our garage unused.

    Pretty sure it is this bike, in black

    Happy for you to pop round and take a look - Camberwell, SE5.

    I'm going to suggest £280 ono - Let me know if you are interested... and tall!

    Photos to follow..

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    @HoKe and @aggi Cheers for your thoughts on carrying bromptons on planes. I made a last minute late night decision to get the folding B&W box - encouraged by the amount of space which it won't take up in my small flat when not in use. When packing the bike into it, it feels a bit flimsy; but despite appearances my Brompton made it out of Heathrow and back again in one piece. BA put a fragile sticker on it - maybe that helped! After a successful trip, the box is now packed away and waiting for its next flight. If you want to borrow it for a trip let me know.

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    What's colour is the bivi bag? I've got a bright orange bivi and am thinking of changing it up.

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    After an accident in spring encouraged me to slow down my riding for a while to recover, I made the decision to buy a Brompton (S2L) over summer. I'm enjoying it a lot.. a lot more than I thought was possible. I'm thinking of taking it with me on holiday later this month on a plane - and the B&W folding box seems like a sensible idea. Has anyone got any good or bad experiences of this, or any better suggestions?

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    This looks like the type of chilled out bike that could help me recover from an injury.. PM'd