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    Our group now only has one rider on a sports bike, we all ride MT10 / MT09 / Street Triple and he rode an MT09 SP and found it easier to ride fast than the 899 - he was continually being dropped before - bit embarrassing for him with 35bhp more on an Italian thoroughbred superbike.

    Yes they do feel and sound very special but I think it was an itch he needed to scratch rather than something to live with long term. Ironically he's sold it a month before the group head over to mainland Europe on an 8 day / 2,000 mile trip incorporating Italy!

    Most of our rides are 250-350 mile days - blasts of fast A and B roads and I think the idea of 8 days of them on the Panigale were enough for him to get rid

    Having followed him since he got the MT09 SP he's definitely quicker and more confident

    I also have an MT09 and they're a cracking all round bike once the suspension is binned and replaced, aren't many bikes that'll lose it in the real world

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    My mate sold his 899 Panigale to buy an MT09 SP after 3 months

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    Not true - can be serviced by any VAT registered garage as long as it's done using genuine parts and to manufacturers spec

    European Block Exemption...


    The only thing I would say is that manufacturers have a goodwill budget should something go wrong outside of the warranty, if you've not had it serviced by a main dealer they won't pay for anything once they warranty has expired - this can be potentially costly, I've seen Audi pay £12k repairs on "goodwill" after the warranty has run out that they would have refused to pay if the vehicle didn't have full main dealer service history

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    Sram Garmin mount - £8 to anyone?

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    Sorry for the delayed reply but...

    No, handing it back at the end of the agreement won't affect your credit rating - the whole idea is that this is an option when you start the finance agreement. You'll very rarely get positive equity at the end of a PCP these days as the "bubble has burst" somewhat

    Some companies view it dimly if you utilise the option of what's known as "halves and thirds" whereby you can voluntarily terminate or VT you agreement once you've paid back over half of the total amount borrowed - it's a clause in the T&C's not many people know about but it's a potential get out early thing.

    New is often as cheap as 3-5 years old with PCP as there are manufacturer supported deals to be had - most manufacturers have deposit contributions on certain models and the total margin they could potentially use to do a deal is around 15% - some models even more than that. Go to a dealer at the end of the month / quarter and know what you want to acheive. Don't use the "well you tell me your best price" and keeping your cards close to your chest thing just makes the whole process more laborious - make a salesman's job easy by telling him where you need to be for a deal and they'll do their best to get it for you. A card ready to place a deposit gets things done!

    ...the voice of 10+ years experience in the trade

    @golgol PCH is a bit of a tricky one, if you know you'll 100% want the same car for the full term then they can be a good option but if you needed to change the car for whatever reason you'd be liable for 50% of the remaining rentals - plus companies can be super strict on any damage at the hand back stage

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    Definitely wouldn't recommend overpaying to "build equity" - put it in your savings instead.

    My wife has a Mini Cooper Clubman which is currently £5,000 in negative equity a year before the contract ends - I'm not bothered, we'll hand it back and walk away.

    PCP is great because the risk is on the finance company rather than you - even if the car is worth less than the GMFV (balloon / guaranteed minimum future value) at the end, as long as the vehicle is in a condition commensurate with the age and mileage it's not your problem

    ...this is also the reason why there are some used car bargains out there for a "cash buyer" as the manufacturers are propping up the new car market.

    @TGR companies will do up to 30k a year, just pick what will suit you as best you can, but don't stress too much - the penalty for going over is usually about 7p a mile so even if you went 10k over on mileage you're only looking at a penalty of £700

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    Little bit of clutch drag, perfectly normal