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    Robert Fisk
    The great war for civilisation

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    The only solution I found to recycle the 40h hubs
    was the
    Velocity Diad.

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    Lovely bike,
    would you debunk the theory of flex associated with 1" steel disk forks ?

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    A good old triple would make sense?
    Any mtb triple 26/36/46 up front.
    7 speed stuff is cheap.

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    You'll need to drill the bottom of the BB shell,
    to fit a cable guide.

    I had an alu frame with just a bit of visually pleasing filler between the stays,
    nothing as bulky as yours.

    There was a small hole to let the cable through,
    never been a problem.
    Builder was supplying TdF racers, Clerc.

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    I've always wondered about the weight limit on Schwalbe tyres.
    I've seen pictures of high mileage tandems using Grand Bois tyres.
    Never heard of sidewalls failing.

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    Early mtbs would use 2'' tyres on such rims.
    I run 35 tubeless tyres on 22 external width rims .
    No problems.

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    I did a review on the Schwalbe all round tle 35 a few messages up.
    The Pirellis are well reviewed.
    Their price put me off,
    the Made in France mention was very alluring.

    I changed my rear tyre to a Hutchinson overide 38 last month.
    Very easy to mount on a 22 external mavic rim with the cheapest pump from decathlon.
    A bit more supple, lighter,
    but probably less p fairy proof.
    Used on snow ,
    cold and wet roads,
    all good.
    I still got the Made in France mention.

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    I thought no holes,
    implied no need for tape.

    What I m worried about now ,
    is loosing the ability to check visually where the the spoke ends are sitting inside the nipple.

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    Same here,
    I don't mind the extra time playing with magnets:
    no more tape!

    But being unable to see where the end of the spoke is in the nipple gives me cold feet.