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    I rescued a 70's tandem from a reputable builder with a rear drum brake.
    At least 3 mm gauge spokes ,
    and rim holes so large that no modern spoke would fit.
    There are some monsters out there.
    Spokes kept braking ,even riding it solo.

    I tried to source some spokes,
    or washers that would allow me to fit modern spokes.

    Thanks all for the clues.

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    My ex companion has bought an electic horse,
    the motor is in the rear hub.

    The rear wheel is going out of true regularly,
    I recommended the most professional outfit to sort it out.
    The tension were all over the place on the trouble free front wheel,
    I hope the rear was treated the same way .
    Evening out tensions at the rear magically brought back the wheel almost perfectly true.

    I brought my tension metre on holiday,
    but forgot my spoke gauge,
    they look beefy maybe 3mm.

    Would DT Alpine be the go to spoke like on a tandem?
    2 cross 3 cross patern?

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    Go to solution for wheelbuilders is modifying the Park Tool fourth hand BT2 cable holder,(50£?)
    filing the little notch.

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    One of the lock nuts is not symmetrical on Simplex,
    try to turn it around.

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    Made in Languedoc,
    very durable,
    vegetable tanned leather
    they start their 3d summer.
    No smell on sweaty feets.
    I wear them constantly.
    Cycling round there is bliss.

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    I run 700x35 tyres on 19mm internals rim(Aksium) .
    I'm less than 70kg all wrapped up in winter,
    light touring,
    the Aksium held up really well to all the mtb I have thrown at them.

    I have some 32 holes Hope hubs I'd like to use.

    I 'm looking at wtb i23 kom and kinlin TL 23 rims,
    both 23m internal width.

    Would love some feathery U shaped 35mm deep marvels from afar,
    but costs are sobering.

    Anything else I should consider?

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    Schwalbe all round tle 700x35 ,
    snow comes monthly here in winter,
    I treat them very badly off road,
    and cycle up to the snow limit on days off to go hiking.
    I was dubious about the utility of the little knobs on roads,
    I quickly forgot about them last summer.
    Now that the third row of knobs is desappearing at the back,
    I came to realise they are surprisingly effective helping you up slippery stuff.

    The front one still have knobs,
    there is a small rock embeddded at the back since last automn.
    No visits at all.
    I can't figure out what is their exact replacement in Schwalbe's range.
    I'm 70kg.

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    A bit late,
    but old school touring bar bags used to hang from the stem like this.

    They came with bunjee cords that you fitted to the bottom of the bag and to the fork ends eyelets.

    Once sufficiently loaded,
    using the flex of the rack,
    they would free themselves going forward.

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    It's refreshing, to see it finally on the move, with so many things around us collapsing.
    There seem to be very little space beetween the tyre and the seat tube?