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    The whole thread is amazing,
    this is another level.

    I don't see anything to keep the burly quickstand out of the way when rolling.

    I expect the« magnets!» answer,
    and will totaly accept it.

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    No real suspense apparently.
    Applying yourself to turn out frame for others, and then working after hours on yours, and somewhat failing, must be painful.

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    Dibs on remains/dust.
    Can't afford a framebuilder,
    I ll pretend I 'm venturing in the art market.

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    Good curveball.
    It is now displayed in the entrance hall of the Berlin 6 days.
    Skant is too busy taking replica orders to post any pictures.

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    1. When I initialy toured my future garden, I bumped into this ,
      I was informed that theft were commmon.
      Can double up as bike security!
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    Warm yeah , but not breathable, and not waterproof.
    If you use them above their temperature range, you sweat, and you then get cold.
    I take them off, and back on, and....
    The lining is poorly designed on mine:
    the thumb entrance is difficult to find.
    I live above 3000ft now,
    they got some regular use,
    but the fabric is paper thin now.
    Will look in the cross country skiing range, they should be able to resist abrasion.

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    The curvy stays are gracious!
    Could they be back?

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    The spacing with the 32 cassette is so comfy,
    with 5 passes above 1200m /4000 ft baring my valley,
    the 50 11/12/13 are only used chasing car downhill, losing the gearing and the habit would be sensible.
    AB offer was ideal ,
    and I could keep the visualy pleasing 32 at the back,
    the rear mech works perfectly.
    I am sure a 36 cassette will fit.

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    I was about to order Absolute Black 48/32 rings ,
    they look lovely,
    and the 50/34 I run ,
    is often too big for the off road in a mountainous area.
    I though the 100+ price tag was for two rings,
    sadly I am now looking for cheaper ways.
    My Shimano drivetrain is 11 gears,
    32 cassette ,
    Ultrega mid cage rear mech.
    Sram force 10 speed crankset(no hidden bolt)

    I m happy with a double ,
    the GRX above could solve my problems
    immediately , but I d rather just change the chainrings, cassette and chains.

    Would the AB 32 ring work with a Stronglight ring like this one?