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    am i too late?!

    1) almac68 - A10 Charcoal XL; white graphics
    2) almac68 - D8 Orange XL; white graphics
    3) Kiskubai - A2 Black S, white graphics
    4) Kiskubai - D6 Natural S, black graphics
    5) wools - A1 White S, black graphics
    6) cgg - D8 Orange L, white graphics
    7) youramericanlover - A2 Black S, white graphics
    8) campervangogh - d3 maroon L, white gfx
    9) HK_Berlin - A2 black XL, white grafix
    10) hippy - D7 Navy L, white gfx
    11) exteroceptive - A2 black XL, white graphics
    12) Mtb idle - D5 military green, L, black graphics
    13) Mtb idle - D7 navy, L, white graphics
    14) Baeri_Baer - A6 Azelea S; black graphics
    15) Baerli_Baer - F1 Electric Green S; black graphics
    16) ElGonzo - D9 Purple M, white graphics
    17) dme - A7 Blackberry, XL, white graphics
    18) dme - D8 Orange, XL, black graphics
    19) atz - E4 Grey, L, Black Graphics + postage to Europe
    20) atz - A2 Black, L, white graphics + postage to Europe
    21) pazu - A2 Black, L, white graphics
    22) graunch - E4 grey, XL Black graphics + A4 purple XL , White Graphics (+post to NL)
    23) FarCorfe - A2 Black , L white graphics
    24) hurricane_run - D7 Navy, M, White graphics
    25) Condorlini E4 Grey, M, Black Graphics
    26) n3il A2 Black, L, White graphics, A4 purple, L, White Graphics
    27) scratchabit - A2 Black, M, Black gfx
    28) 3c70 - D9 L, D9 XL. Both white graphics
    29) muddyfox69 - A3 Antique Cherry Red, white graphics XXL Mens (postage to Glasgow)
    30) bigshape - white graphics on black, L, +p&p
    31) yetidamo - E4 sport Grey, black graphics, M
    32) yetidamo - E6 tropical blue, white graphics, M (plus p&p for both).
    33) PhilDAS - A2 Black, M, White graphics
    34) TvH -A2 Black, L, white graphics
    35) doubleodavey - c6 Helicona, M, white graphics
    36) doubleodavey - d8 Orange, M, black graphics
    37) Jonny69 - D3 Maroon, M, white graphics (+ p&p)
    38) Cutthroat Jake - B1 Cherry Red (very dead)(or A6 Cardinal if B1 out of stock) XL, black graphics (+ p&p)
    39) Cowley11 - E10 Coral Sink, XL, Black Graphics (p&p)
    40) leggy_blonde - Black on white, M.
    41) jdp - A10 Charcoal, M, black graphics (p&p)
    42) luft - A2 Black , L, white graphics
    43) luft - E4 Grey, L, black graphics
    44)user67706akajimmythegrin-F4, M, black graphics, (posted Liverpool)
    45)RussyJ20 - Black print on charcoal, L
    46) ioreka - E4 Grey, M, white graphics

    Hope I'm not too late for this?!

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    @edmundro that's fucking ace. love armpit tattoos.

    poorly-taken photos of today's happy little froge by kola (heron is about a year old):

    some of the lines are properly half a cm thick. i was knackered by the end of it.

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    @lmananimal on a random NW train with cargo bike. i owe you a beer!

    plus someone on a grey dolan on theobalds road at about 10:30pm last night who looked asleep at the helm

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    here's my pothos which desperately needs repotting and a haircut and i'm avoiding:

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    picked up lots of seeds and cuttings from @hoefla yesterday, very kindly donated in exchange for one measly jade plant cutting from me - thank you again! got me thinking: would anyone be interested in a once-monthly (or even less frequent) forum seed and cutting swap? meet up somewhere nice and outdoors, have a drink/picnic, trade seeds and cuttings? i have yet more jade plant cuttings that are about to sprout, and some mini-monstera-which-is-actually-not-a-mo­nstera-at-all propagating in some water. won't be ready for a while yet, but something to look forward to. or is an "as and when" approach better for people

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    np, i can't remember his forum name but the v lovely christian d on here let me use his washing machine when our inverter broke in uxbridge (he lived over the road) AND told me the best place to get a chinese takeaway. the forum delivers :') <3

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    Got a disc mount welded to my gangsta forks by @PhilDAS

    Interested to see how this has gone for you - I got a second hand V4 frameset last week and was thinking about making it my (stupidly posh) polo bike, but i'd need new forks or to weld a disc mount on. Any problems so far?

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    i stopped off at st pauls last week late at night and it almost felt like i was waiting for folks to turn up. some lovely times spent waiting on those steps

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    also, obv, subbed, really looking forward to seeing how this turns out! you've already won the boat game by having not just a bike (how the ruddy hell do people manage without a bike) but a cargo bike! i faffed about with a trailer for ages before getting an omnium. your life will be so much easier. good luck with the fit out! you're welcome to use our washing machine and have a cup of tea any time you're in watford