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    Thanks brexit!

    I'm in Lithuania and shipments from Rapha shipped with DHL express would usually come in two days but now on 2nd day it landed in customs. I've got an email from customs officer asking invoices, short description of an item and an agreement that DHL would proceed with customs procedures.

    I thought we agreed on free trade?
    I guess that agreement doesn't exclude all this paperwork with customs. >:(

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    the first Brevet Jersey

    I love the first brevet jersey so much! Been using it for 3 or 4 years now, it's color all burnt out and fabric at some spots is so worn out it's transparent but when I look at current brevet jersey range I feel that they won't be as good as the first one. The new ones don't seem to have a wind block layer in the front, right?

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    Just realized I need a light rainproof jacket for riding in rainy weather in relatively warm temperatures (10 - 15C). Got classic winter / core winter jackets but they're waaaay to warm in these temperatures.

    Has rapha got something like this just rainproof?

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    Price drop, got some projects on my mind and need this gone.

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    Hey everyone, i'm selling my Ritchey commando fat bike, size L. Geo chart here.

    It's a fun machine capable of going places but once I've built my gravel bike i've stopped going places. 🤷♂️

    It's mileage is around 3000 km but it's been serviced on time and taken care of.

    • Sram X01 12sp group (11-50 cassette)
    • Sram guide ultimate brakes
    • Wheels: tune fat kong hubs / alexrims blizzerk rims / schwalbe jumbo jim 4"
    • Brooks c15 cambium saddle
    • Jones loop handlebar
    • Nitto sim works seatpost
    • Custom rack in the front

    Will also add a custom bag made by my girlfriend that attaches to the rack in the front.


    Located in Lithuania, shipping to the UK would be around 50€.

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    That's my impression as well that core is way lower quality than the more expensive stuff from rapha. My old brevet bibs still look decent after 3 years or so while core needs to be thrown out after 1 year. It's also made in china versus made in europe but mostly it's about materials used i believe.

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    Well I gained a few kilos during the quarantine but definitely not so much to size up. It's actually not the crack area but wear on the right cheek side if we're specific. Started taking butt selfies like crazy, doesn't look too bad for myself but some wear is apparent. Also the stitches inside legs are totally worn out where there was a contact with the saddle nose.