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    “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”


    Maybe old Phil could have took those words on board

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    I'm out of ideas then.

    This thread here might be worth a read.
    Seems that following the official magura method doesn't work well for a lot of folk.

    The third post talks about not pulling the lever syringe and only pushing fluid from the caliper to the lever. Maybe worth a try?

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    Those are the fancy levers with various adjustments yeah?

    Before doing the bleed process are you adjusting the lever reach/throw to the correct point?

    I've never bled magura brakes but with my sram brakes you must set the lever to specific point.

    Is it possible you're doing the bleed with the lever set incorrectly causing it to pull too close to the bar?

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    Would people blame me for giving in now?

    I admire your stubbornness, stick with them a while longer.
    We all know how hydraulics work, the fluid must be going somewhere.

    Warranty claim time? But the amount of time you'd be waiting for a warranty replacement means you'd probably need to buy another brake in the interim. I'm getting deja vu.

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    Ha, I wondered too.

    I think the seller has created the listing in a way that might make someone think that they are actually buying a private number plate? But in actual fact you're getting 3 plastic balls... at least I think thats whats happening.

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    I've been browsing the forum for years and I still don't know what the hip-hop HH bit actually means? I've been too scared to ask all this time but I need to know. Please tell me :(

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    Has anyone heard of GE cycles in Singapore?


    defo not legit.
    Its address is 17-20 Parkway Center, its a shopping centre but theres no mention of gecycles on google maps.

    The 'about us' mentions the founder is named Gibran Elson. Googling that name brings up two similar websites selling laundry stuff and dental equipment...

    Oh and according to their twitter account they are actually over the water in KL

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    Crikey, I knew it was fancy but didn't realise it was that kind of establishment.

    What was the little house that you rented in Peebles like? Would you recommend it?
    I'm only an hours drive away from Innerleithen but I'd like to spend a week there as a birthday trip for my wife next year. But it's really just so I can get on the uplift 4 days in a row.
    I'd thought about the hydro hotel and trying to convince her that its a great idea by telling her she can sit in the hotel spa while I'm on the uplift.
    But self catering is always my preference so looking out for a nice AirBnB house for a week.