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    Can I remove the gear indicator things(?) from my Deore shifters? I bought some Koga Denham bars for my Tour de Fer but they get in the way of the bullhorn part of the bars and don't sit in the right position. Think they would fit if I could remove them.

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    As difficult as it will be, I think you should treat your wife as if she has the virus, either until the 14 days period has elapsed or she tests negative. It really is just not worth the risk. Sorry.

    I don't post this to scare you (assuming you've not already read it) but just to stress how dangerous this is. Just to warn, it does contain rather graphic description of illness and death:


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    Struggling to cope with how bad things are going to get and how quickly it's going to happen. How can anyone look at Italy (2nd best health service in the world!) and not just despair.

    Have friends who work in frontline NHS capacity and I'm so worried about what they'll be facing over the coming weeks and months. Literally deciding whether to go to work and risk serious illness/death to save lives after having witnessed the shit-show from the government and the general public's blase attitude towards this. Everything I hear from them makes me so angry at how woefully underprepared they have been left from a resource perspective. People should be taken to trial for the decisions made over the last ten years that have left the NHS in the state it is in.

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    Sorry to hear this bud :(

    My mum is in remission from leukaemia so also at-risk. Somewhat luckily(?) I seem to have been struck down with very mild symptoms so am in self-quarantine for 14 days. The good thing about this is that after 14 days of not having any contact with anyone I'll feel safe and able to visit her without risk of infection.

    Far from ideal for most but worth bearing in mind? I'd be very hesitant to visit anyone in the at-risk categories without having been in isolation for 7/14 days beforehand.

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    Oh man. This is tempting.

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    Can anyone advise what size tires I'll clear on a 2017 TdF? Currently running Marathon Plus 35 on the stock 700c Rhyno rims with guards, but looking for something bigger and slicker (without guards) for a summer tour later in the year.

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    Just one ideally but happy to buy a pair if needed. Brown or black is fine.

    I've accidentally bought the ID18 version which is too wide to fit in my Velo Orange Montmartre bars (despite being told they would) and can't find a UK stockist of the ID18 version.

    If anyone has one for sale I'd be really keen to buy. Thanks.


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    Ah fuck, yeah you must be right. Thanks.