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    🍻 SUPPORT US The printing of books and stories of the best Italian artisans framebuilders will be possible only if we manage to reach the minimum budget to support the production costs, your support for the project is vital.

    🚴♀️ RIDE FAST The books will only be available for sale on Kickstarter until 18 June 2021.


    • The support required for each notebook is 18€ 
    • For shipping costs to your country see our page on the Kickstarter website
    • As a reward you’ll receive a free poster with each book


    • Go to our “Quaderni Eroici” page on Kickstarter site 
    • Click one of the boxes on the right of the page to choose how many books you want to order. If you want, you can add more copies on the next page.
    • Order how many books you want, when the goal will be reached we will ask you which titles you want to receive
    • To continue with the order you need to register on Kickstartarter (it's free, easy and fast).
    • If the budget goal will not achieved you will not be charged any cost.


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    Hello everybody,
    we take the opportunity to write here.
    We think that in Italy we have a little gap between the importance that lightweight bicycle framebuilders had in the history of cycling, at lest in the second half of the twentieth century, and the existing (Italian) literature about them.
    So, this is why we working hard to print a series dedicated to the best (around 20) Italian framebuilders in the Eroica age.
    The name of the series is Quaderni Eroici and the first 4 issues will be dedicated to 4 skilled artisans: Pogliaghi, Alpi, Marastoni and Galmozzi.
    It will be in English also and printed on paper in the old traditional.

    If you are interested you may find all the information:

    Below a short presentation text of the project, we hope you will like the Quaderni Eroici, stay tuned :)

    Best regards
    Pier Antonio Zanini
    and Manuel Dall’Olio (frameteller.it)

    Italy is famous for the big firms in fashion, design and motors. Yet, little known at home is the impact that, from the 1930s to the 1980s, our craftsmen had on the way of conceiving and building bicycles all over the world.
    Their stories are full of talent and courage; they are the stories of artisans who, often without resources and training, have dedicated their lives to their passion, working to improve both themselves and their manufactured products, creating innovations that have forever marked the history of professional and amateur cycling.
    To open a workshop in those days certainly did not mean getting rich, but it was still a free job and for some preferable to that in the factory or in the fields, so they began by occasionally building frames or making repairs until it became their main source of income. 
Theirs are the little-known names of people that, in most cases, never took those steps necessary to reach the industrial dimension. This is because they preferred tailor-made work and the direct and personal relationship with the cyclist; they are people who dedicated their entire existence to the conquest of intangible treasures such as the satisfaction of giving shape to an idea with one’s own hands. Their stories have a lot in common: poverty, the drama of the two wars, the passion for bicycles, the obsessive attention to details, exceptional manual dexterity and a constant search for the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality.
    We created Quaderni Eroici to record their dreams, projects and goals that have come down to us through five generations of master framebuilders and save them from oblivion.

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    Hello, may you please tell me which bb the bike mount and post a photo of bb shell (with wheels up)
    Thank you

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    I'm interested please pm me

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    Hi, Skateboy, did you sell them yet?
    I'm from Milan, Italy

    Brand New Never Fitted

    18mm Diameter

    ÂŁ5.00 + ÂŁ1.00pp