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    Had a look at that one and it looked good for my needs, but then lynskey gr250 is about to get stocked at fatbirds.co.uk and was told to wait to see how they are. Cdf Ti looks great as well. Just can't decide at the moment, too many choices but no way to try them out for a demo ride..

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    Thank, will have to check out the recommendations, will b back soon

    Edit any opinions about the Mason bokeh? Seemed really good apart for the price and it being aluminum.

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    Hi guys, not sure if this is the right thread for it but decided to post it here instead. Was hoping you can help me out with choosing a frame. More and more, I've been travelling outside London/UK with my road bike in tow but most of the paths I encounter are off road track so I think it's better if I just get one of these gravel frames. My road bike can only handle a max 28c tyre and its already tight at this point.

    Steel or titanium would be preferred. Able to run 650b is a massive plus, would like to try disc brake. Thru axles would be nice. Fenders.
    Here's a list of frames I've been looking at (budget is roughly 1500,can go higher for the right frame)

    1. Mason bokeh - that price and aluminum kind of puts me off unless somebody can vouch for it.
    2. Soma wolverine - sizing is really wierd on these frames. Top tube is really long even on the smallest size.
    3. Kona Roadhouse - I was told it can only fit a 28c with mudguards. Shame as it looks really good.
    4. Ritchey Swiss cross disc - looks really good this.
    5. Niner rlt Steel - pf30 puts me off this frame.
    6. Custom? Never really thought about going custom as I don't have the patience to wait for 3-5 months.
    7. Any other frames in mind?

    I apologize of this is the wrong place to ask, was debating whether is hold post this on recommend me a road bike.


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    Groupset itself should be worth more than £300 ! I say you're buying the groupset more than the frame itself.

    Edit B actually dibs on this, sending pm

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    Don't want to be a dick here but how did you find out that it's not your size without having to ride it? (I'll assume you haven't ridden it yet as it's still wrapped as you have mentioned) with the geometry being readily available online and all that.

    For 650,im actually tempted tbh. Been looking for this frame to show up in the forums for a while now. Being close to Xmas, funds are really running low as I had to get people I barely talk to some gifts... Will need to check with the missus if she can loan me some money.

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    They told me they'll get the smaller sizes in around 4 weeks. So hopefully by new years. Good way to start the year me thinks.

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    Hey guys, been looking at this brand for the past week now and it seems they're priced very well for the frame sets.
    They were designed by the person who did the Genesis framesets.

    Anybidy got any experience with the brand itself? They seem really new so not going to be surprised if nobody knows them yet. Was just wondering before I end up buying one of the strael one. I'm going to be trying one out by the end of the month when one gets delivered to swift cycles with my size.