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    Still available! I think I'll leave this up until the end of the week and then try and sell elsewhere - maybe even gasp eBay!

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    Time for another price drop - how about:

    £700 for the bike
    £900 for the bike and the Cosmics

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    Hey guys,

    Cheers for all the nice comments - I'm glad you like the bike! I'm knocking off £50, so prices are now:

    £950 for the whole shebang
    £750 everything except the Mavic Cosmics

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    @Big_Ted yeah, that's right, I got it from you! Unfortunately the rear mech had to go when it was worn out, and the Spooky brakes aren't adjustable like the TRPs, but I've tried to strike the right balance between what's 'right' for the build and making sure it's a bike that you wouldn't be afraid to jump on and ride.

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    @Rodolfo interesting about the headsets - I'd always assumed it was a pro team thing, and was glad it was still smooth so I could leave it in!

    @kantonin I've always liked riding it on the road too. Being able to fit fat tyres is a right treat.

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    Glad you like it! It's a really good weight if you put on some lighter wheels and yeah, I'm a big fan of the team issue Dura Ace stuff!

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    For sale is a Colnago CX bike. Apparently it was owned by Marcel Duijn, who wasn’t that good, but it’s similar to the ones used by Richard Groenendaal when he won the worlds in 2000 and Sven Nys at around the same time.

    Pictures are at: imgur.com/a/tdciE

    The frame is Columbus Airplane aluminium (unfortunately the sticker washed off a couple of years ago), and it’s in decent condition for a CX bike of its age. There are chips, scratches and some rough areas, but no dents or cracks and everything’s structurally sound and all the fittings and threads are good. The top tube is 58cm.

    It’s built up with:
    • Deda Logo stem (110mm)
    • ITM Super Pro 260 handlebars. (42cm)
    • Team issue Dura-Ace Easton seatpost
    • Team issue Dura-Ace 7700 cranks
    • Dura-Ace headset – it’s a threaded one that’s been converted to be threadless. Works like a normal threadless. Not sure why they’d do it, other than sponsorship?
    • 9s Tiagra shifters (sorry, but they work well)
    • 105 5700 rear mech
    • TRP EuroX brakes
    • San Marco Strada saddle
    • Mavic Aksium wheels
    • Challenge Strada Bianca tyres (but I can swap them for some Vittoria XG Pro clinchers if you prefer)
    • Carbon “Zornyc” fork – took me ages to find one with a 1” steerer!

    And I’ll also include in the package:
    • The original steel fork (I’ve seen it called a Precisa CX before). This looks the business, but it has been bent in the past. The previous owner said it had been repaired, but it definitely hasn’t got enough rake. It’s steel and about 50kg, so you could probably get it sorted out if you were so inclined.
    • The original brakes – Spooky Aluminium cantilevers in silver. Rare as hen’s teeth, but the TRPs are easier to adjust.
    • The matching wheels – Dura Ace 7700 hubs on Open Pros, 28/32 spoke. The rims are worn out and the hubs are in need of servicing and maybe some new bearings, but they’ve got the original titanium freehub.
    • My race wheels – alloy Mavic Cosmics from about the same era as the rest of the bike, with Vittoria XG tubulars glued on (and hardly used).

    I’ll let the whole lot go for £900, or the Cosmics for £200 and the rest for £700. If you think I’m having a laugh at that price, feel free to make an offer. I'm based in Redditch - I'm well aware that that's not in London, but I'd be able to arrange postage (if you bear with me).

    Reason for sale is that it's just not getting used - it was my favourite bike for a while and I'll be really sorry to see it go, but I now race a modern CX bike that always breaks and ride on a road bike that was too expensive not to use.

    Edit - forgot to add: obviously feel free to get in touch if you've got any questions or want to see more pictures.