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    So at least it wasn't cold today. Out come the tools.
    Springs bang on tolerances and the plates are remarkably flat without even minor gouging. Feelers agree. I'll be replacing them come spring, but everything is super clean inside the basket.
    Anyway, that can't be it. Bit of a chin wag and I was thinking that with a won clutch, there would be some either abrupt gear drops or sudden loss of power. This was non of it, gradual from 4k up.

    Let's reassemble. Reinstalling the worn drive and notice the clutch cable bracket is alarmingly worn out..touching the sprocket nut..which is about halfway threaded into the output shaft...

    Picture the rest.
    Luckily just some burring and no substantial damage to either sprocket or shaft splines.
    I suppose I don't really trust anyone to work on my bicycles, so not sure why I trusted someone to tighten that nut for me.

    What's the spring rate on the XR's clutch? 4 heavies & off road must be a ballache?

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    Not the foggiest. Oil changes still come out clean with no swarf which is a miracle. If it calls for it, might do the whole basket.
    @hanford The bikes are cockroaches. So far it's been more reliable than the Tiger with 4x the miles.

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    Solid shout.
    Hate to say it, but this will be as minimal effort as can be, was too fucking cold to be tearing the block apart. I'm really hoping I just screwed up the pushrod adjustment. If not, I guess it's time to get at that basket.

    I reckon it's just friction plates as the slip only seems to occur above a certain RPM.

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    Right, so I replaced the worn drive recently as it was buggered and the rubber o ring was shot. Bike was fine until a few days ago when clutch just stated slipping at around 4k on 1st/2nd. The bike has around 72k on it, is it likely the plates have said goodbye or should I start from the bottom up and check my setup.
    How likely are clutch plates to wear out on a 650? I do tend to clutchless shift when occasion arises. Have I screwed the pooch?

    @pdlouche Congrats!

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    Just get the longest chain and cut it? No one can be sure 100%.

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    Noice. How do you like it so far?

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    What are the clearances on this? Mad bargain!

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    To borrow or buy?

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    Regardless of all argument on here, glad your're ok.