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    Hi All,

    I've stupidly neglected my bike for the last year due to injury and some time spent outside the country. Having come back to it I've found it's in pretty poor nick. I'm going to spend some time over the next week restoring her back to her former beauty, trouble is I've no idea how best to match the colours when I come to touching up some of the spots she's managed to accumulate...

    I really don't want it to look like a shoddy attempt with mismatched colour patches. Do you reckon it's possible match the colours by eye? I've also thought about trying to message Basso to see if they've got some sort of colour code that they could give me so that I know I'm getting the right colour.

    have uploaded original image, but if you can't view it for any reason it's a basso coral, silver/violet edition.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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    Thanks! managed to finally get it off but cheers for the info! it felt like it was pretty welded on so just used a mallet and chisel to bump it out of the hooks on the frame, not the prettiest method but it worked ok!

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    Hi guys,

    looking for some advice, I've not touched my bike in about a year, I've spent a while injured, and a fair amount of time out of the country. I decided yesterday it's time to take a look at my bike I found a fair bit of rust and so decided I'd take it all apart in order to restore it. Unfortunately it appears the nuts for the rear wheel are completely rusted shut.

    I spent a good deal of time yesterday oiling it and doing my best with a ratchet, I only managed to round off the nut... Today I've tried some other methods I've tried blow-torching the bolt to try and get it to expand, no luck there, and then I decided to file it down to a size 14 spanner but that just started to round it off again.

    I'm abit stuck, anyone got any ideas? I've been thinking about trying to cut the nut off although not sure how best to do that without damaging the rear wheel or the frame


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    I've got a set of bullhorns and would really like a cane creek style brake lever that fits in the end, I'd just need the one so don't want to buy a set, thought someone else might be in a similar positon

    It'd probably need to be posted as i'm up in leeds but I'm happy to pay a tenner for it plus postage

    If anyone could help me out that'd be sweet!

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    saddle gone?