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    Next on the list (and one of my favourite bits!) was brakes - Croce D Aune Deltas
    Gorgeous things - in not a little bonkers...

    First job was finding the elusive 3.5mm allen key needed for the cable stop, followed by another quirk of the deltas..... Cutting the cable in the fraction of mm's you have between the cable clamp and the bottom of the sealed housing (as pictured) - I just about got my cutters in, but wasnt the cleanest of snips!

    Also got some Very shiny mavic MA2's to go with

    That yellow saddle had to go - Although I didn't think an beat up old thing from the 80s would look right with the refurb'ed frame / all that chrome so opted for a brooks swallow and matching leather tape

    Got the pedals on and I'm done!

    Took it out on a hilly 100 miler on the weekend - other than a few bit needed tightening up it rode great! Will get some decent photos on the ride :-)

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    Newbie question - So have got my medical certificate sent off, and have been assigned a number (online) - should I be expecting anything in the post??

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    Hopefully! Seller said the serial number shows it was built in 1983

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    Its a lanky thing @ 63cm - but so am I @ 6'4

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    So this had been a long time coming, but has quickly turned into a last minute scramble....

    I picked up a rather lovely Roberts frame a couple of years ago now; knowing it was nice to sit under my bed I decided signing up to l'Eroica would give me the kick up the arse to get it done..

    This was it arriving:

    Genrally going for a "white and shiny" look.....

    The frame had been recently restored, however it did come with a couple of chips :-/

    First thing to do was go to halfrauds and decide which of the 50-odd white touchup pens was the closest..... after a good 40 minutes deliberation I decided upon 'Audi ice white'

    A very DIY setup:
    Cleaned up the chips with alcohol wipes

    Only needed a TINY drop of primer

    Left to dry over night, lots flattening, a TINY bit of paint, then lots of polishing.
    Close enough match....

    Now to start the build:
    I managed to cobble together an early C-Record Group, but needed to a few extra bits. (if anybody has a decent 27.2 aero post - please let me know!)

    Quickly got the gears and stem on, excuse the gold wheels - I just wanted to see it in "bike form"

    Next up is to get the bars and brakes on once the last few bits have arrived.

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    Could I grab a pair of 30-32's if any are still available?

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    This is good to hear!

    Headset now out of the bike - can include a velo orange one - new price £110