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    Is the cap there actually staining yellow or is that the light?

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    Finally, a project thread about a proper car!

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    Another vote for NK Jemisin. Also read The Malazan Book of the Fallen if you want a seriously meaty series of books, Erikson is unmatched in imagination and world-building IMO.

    I also think it's worth reading all the Conan stories, but maybe I'm in the minority there.

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    I did for swift tour of Normandy, with a very heavily-loaded Nelson longflap.

    Didn't die. Probably exerted worse loads on the rails with my butt.

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    I will say it's very useful to image search for more reference pics, and if you think it's species x always Google to see if there are common impersonators

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    Yeah, there are just so many goddamn mushrooms. A lot of "useful" acquired knowledge is just recognising genus to know where to start, knowing what's worth bothering trying to identify, and common misidentifications.

    With things like parasols, oysters, and boletes, the dangerous species have fairly distinct characteristics, and if you're only 99% sure the alternatives are edible anyway. Agaricus we prefer to be completely certain. With amanitas we just don't bother, as while there are good edible species the consequences of misidentifying are a bit extreme...

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    It's all about the books! Roger Phillips' Mushrooms. Geoffrey Kibby's are supposed to be good too.

    Helps having an eye for details and differences, and more so going foraging with someone that already knows their stuff. Edible boletes are one of the safer groups though

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    That would be nice! Never found them.

    Clockwise from top left: Macrolepiota konradii (no common name, a parasol); Clitocybe nebularis (clouded funnel); Lycoperdon perlatum (common puffball); Boletus baddius (bay bolete); Boletus edulis (penny bun/cep/porcini etc); Clitocybe gibba (common funnel); Suillus luteus (slippery jack); Laccaria amethystina (amethyst deceiver).

    The penny buns might actually be Boletus pinophilus or something else - we seem to get a lot of shrooms around here that are very nearly B. edulis but maybe aren't

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    I think they're common puffballs, L. perlatum, but not inconceivable.

    Pretty AND tasty is my favourite combo!