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Ian here.
Cole Coatings Workshop and Cycle PS Battersea.
Fixie hipster in training.

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    It's a textured finishing product made for lining the flat beds of pickup trucks.
    It's been shaded with a RAL direct gloss and then applied with an industry standard HVLP gun. product recipe and gun pressure etc are all major factors in the finish.

    The orange was added afterwards with a secret recipe product blend.

    I actually don't have a pic of the rack but it's from here - tubicycle.com.ua/en/bike_racks/mo­del-1/

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    Managed to find a little time to throw some paint at one of my own bikes... it's not finished to the highest level but its an experiment that I think worked quite well.

    Got the 75s on here for a song 'cause they had been scribed into with a compass or something...

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    Fully agree.

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    It's the finish that does it for me too.
    That's all gold leaf under there...

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    "crit" bike, not slave but pretty smart none the less.

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    Sumo, I'm into those bars.
    I'll have them please.

    At some point this coming week, one of the Thundercats is likely to visit our workshop to collect the trophies for the next event. Any chance of a delivery at that time? Could that work?

    DM me your PayPal deets and I'll send funds now.

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    Thank you very much.
    That was a pretty time consuming project that saw us learn a lot in a short space of time.
    I kinda wished there'd been a mirror beneath it so people could've seen that the pattern joined seamlessly on the underside!

    I think of the dozen or so bikes we had a hand in, my favourite would have been Rowan's EDC or the Mercredi rasta road bike.

    There was some exceptional finishing at the event... Tomm450 had so much clean, crisp work on Ricky Feather's stand; FatCreations had some loud and technical stuff on the Granule stand and new guys Duzil had two great examples, one from DoktorBobby and another that had a patinated steel camouflage type effect that looked hydro dipped. Yeah... really high standard. Honoured to have been involved.

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    I'll be there across the whole weekend. Have been lucky enough to work on a lot of fun and interesting finishes for some great new frame builders. Looking forward to seeing how they all look fully built.

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    As per the title.
    Working on two builds but I'm a set of cranks shy...

    I'm looking for SRAM Omniums. Doesn't matter if they're beaten up, without ring or BB, I'm still interested as long as they work. Colour and length not too worried about.


    Same to be said of a set of Sugino 75s.
    Colour/length/aesthetic condition not a problem 'cause they'll be getting a special paint job.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dunno if this is encouraged here but I'll give a fiver to anyone who helps me successfully locate either of these cranksets.