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    Last Tuesday.
    That's the one.
    Buy the album.
    Get a ticket for the Scala show.

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    As soon as David Shrigley was announced for curating that event, it was obvious Deerhoof was gonna be involved!

    Are you familiar with the Pom Poko album from last month?
    It sounds very much like the surreal/frenetic Deerhoof style.

    They were excellent last week at The Lexington.

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    Ey up you lot.

    I know there are a bunch of you in Sheffield...

    Record Collector / S10 3BA still has some titles I was sadly unable to get my hands on this Saturday in London 'cause I was working.

    Are any of you near enough and willing to pop over and pick up a few records tomorrow and ship them to me? the sending to me isn't urgent but picking them up is... sadly they can't ship out or sell online until next Saturday and it is likely that these titles will sell in-store before that. They've already gone from every shop I visited on Sunday.

    I'll put £20 in the pocket of anyone who takes up the job... will get you a couple of beers?

    Please and thanks in advance.


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    I never miss a Deerhoof show in London.
    I bought my two when they announced.

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    Online you won't find anything completely accurate because the colour on the screen is made with light rather than inks and pigments.

    Good quality RAL reference books are made by paint firms and the swatches are actually small pieces of paint product so they are perfect (as perfect as perfect can be)... these are expensive... often in the hundreds of pounds.

    The official RAL books are created with ink rather than paint so they're not always spot-on but they're what RAL sells so they're accurate as far as they're concerned.

    You can get one from Amazon here - https://amzn.to/2TSa6Tt

    Light will fade the colours so store it in a dark, dry place.

    There is a greater spread of khaki/drab style colours in the British Standard range than the RAL. From what I understand, these are the colours that are used in official camouflages and such.

    You'll also find that some shops will have tube samples of colours but this probably isn't the best reflection because it only shows what each RAL will look like when applied by one shop in certain circumstances and there can still be variables.

    The reference books show what the colours are "supposed" to look like when applied well.
    This can go wrong if you don't groundcoat properly... if you don't stir the paint properly in the tin... if it's too warm... too cold etc...

    In terms of working to a budget, there are some trade-offs... one of those is simply that the colour range isn't available... it's one of the reasons people opt for wet-spray refinishing in order to get the complex colour variants and designs possible.

    If you're London based you're welcome to come and visit our workshop and flick through the reference materials here... we've got them all... it's actually too many and an easy way to waste your morning and not realise. Drop me a DM.

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    Sadly, not all automotive colours are available as powder.

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    RAL 7009 is close and "close" should be what you aim for.
    That colour looks different on your screen and mine... the photo has lighting conditions that are altering the colour... the room you're in also contributes to that.

    Also... I think this has a non-gloss finish over the colour which will alter the appearance of the colour too.

    If you're aiming to emulate it yourself... buy some 7009 in a rattlecan.
    If you're going to have it done professionally, ask your refinisher to get 'close'; they'll appreciate the freedom.

    The reason I say this is that not all colour products are created equally...

    Different brands make different types of paint product which are chemically different for a number of reasons... geography and related legislation; tooling variations; brand recipes etc

    Refinishers will have preferred brands and product lines based on their techniques, tooling and sometimes the availability. They will even have favourite colours... not in a childish way of needing to drink from a blue cup but rather in relation to the dynamic properties of the colour and how well it builds, covers and interacts with other colour products.

    Whilst adjectives can be really annoying to get across colour nuances, if you show this picture and let your refinisher choose something similar, you'll be enabling them to give you a better quality finish.

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    The toothpaste is a little more dense so you might lose some of the paint wiping off the masks.

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    Its masking fluid but really... Anything whixh isn't solvent based but that's more viscose than the actual paint.

    Washing up liquid is the go-to.
    Toothpaste. Ketchup. All work.