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    Currently using these.

    I've seen some wit skateboard wheels if you're 'cool'.

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    +1 for this.

    I had a Hario scales for a decade but they shat the bed following a coffee spill they should have been able to handle imo.

    Chanced my arm with a WAY out-of-date warranty and replaced it with a GATOR in the interim because it was promoted well on Amazon. The GATOR is not in the same league in terms of how quickly it informs you of the weight changes, button clicks feels cheap too but it's a robust unit with a silicone mat and a weighing tray for a good price. I now use it at work where it takes a few more knocks and although it's not as good looking as other scales, I can't really fault it for the money.

    After relegated the Gator I got the Timemore and have been very happy with it for the year or so I've owned it. I like the LED lights as they're more readable than a darker Hario screen. Also, the beeps are reassuring if you use the timer function. I use it a couple of times a day and have charged it once since I bought it. In terms of build quality the top-most part overhangs the main unit and protects the inner workings form splashes much better than others. Worth the extra spend if you can stretch.

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    That was.
    That was just.
    So good.

    I saw the video length was 25 minutes and thought 'naaaaaah'.
    This was very rewarding.

    I have liked.
    I have subscribed.

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    Very helpful.

    Thank you!

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    It's the Schwalbe One.
    I think it comes as standard on the CHPT3 bikes but someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

    They retail at £60 a piece and the cheapest I've seen them after a quick search is £52 here. I don't know this site though.


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    My reply from a cutla pages ago

    I have it and use it every day for a 13" macbook and a few extra bits and pieces.

    It's a rolltop laptop case with room for some extra things... little more functionality than that.
    I have a posh keep cup in one of the side pockets and a kryptonite mini-evo in the other.

    Other Brompton bags use the removable rack frame type affair so that the bags can be >"normal" when the rack bit isn't needed.

    The Restrap one doesn't do this.
    Instead there's a stiff backboard and a permanently attached metal rack fixture on the back... >this is the bit that touches your body if you wear it that way so that can be annoying.
    Also, my coffee table has a scratch on it from popping the bag on it.
    It's not a dealbreaker at all for me but it does make it a Brompton bag and not a "sometimes >Brompton bag with the ability to use off the bike casually".

    The magnetic closure is cool and useful but you've no doubt seen these on other things by now.

    Orange liner helpful for finding stuff in low light.

    Thin and discreet shoulder strap.

    I like it for using on the train with the bike folded.
    I also like it for just setting and forgetting by leaving some Brompton specific tools and tubes >in it so I don't get caught out by carrying the wrong sized tube or spanner or whatever.

    For the price, I think it's a good bag and does it's job well.

    Holds up great in the wet.


    @Squircle Thanks. Yeah it's custom but not especially indicative of what's possible.
    I'm one half of Quinntessential and Cole Coatings Workshop and some of the Brompton staff have been along to learn to wet paint in the past. I cheekily asked for a bike and they obliged. They sent a set of raw frame parts for me to refinish and 'cause it's a personal project, it gathered dust forever. I finally just squeaked it over the line last year with a very simple/easy-to-apply finish so I could get the bike rolling. Each piece has a different colour 'rubble', with a second colour splatter on it. Doing it this way meant I could use leftover products and not spend anything. This this Quirk probably shows the product better. To be honest, given what we're able to do, this should be a lot more intricate and involved than it is but I guess its like a tattoo artist with shit art on their legs, or a joiner with loads of DIY to do at home... your own jobs always get the least attention 'cause they don't pay!

    Build wise, I don't know what "model" it is.
    The frame is all steel but there are some newer P-Line parts on there too. I think they cannibalised some donor bikes to get me on the road.

    That's a speaker on there.
    It's attached using one of these, then this holding the actual speaker. I've got a Fidlock Twist Base on a few different bikes and my speaker just pops on there when I go for a ride. There are much more discreet ways of doing it than this but it works so I'm satisfied.

    @hollow__legs Yeah. Standard Brompton bars. No modding. Just moved the levers. Nothing of it seems to interfere with anything else... although, I'm not certain I've actually slid the grip all the way on as far as it will go anyway.The fact that the grips only have a clamp on one end means you can get away wit using them to extend your bars a little if you needed... although, a bit naughty.

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    That's something I know I don't need but will probably buy.

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    Street cred?
    No chance.

    For a decade and a half I've been saving the labels from every speciality bean I've ever tried.
    I have a scrapbook for them.
    Instead of compiling the scrapbook and annotating my clippings with notes and opinions, I just have a carrier bag full of coffee-themed trash and a virginal scrapbook.

    Can't even coffee nerd properly.

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    Charity shop glass beaker. They're everywhere!

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    Dunno if it's your thing but I saw one on Facebook Marketplace a couple of days ago... £300 I think. London based.