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    @Workstand - It's a shame you can't make it along as your trail knowledge is clearly more up to date than mine.

    You know how quickly the tracks can change after a tree has fallen across them.

    If only trail knowledge could be so accurate - you're right of course! There really can't be much more rain up there to fall. I'm hoping that these exchanges about mud/trees etc will all be forgotten on the enjoyable warm dry days that the rides will be on.

    Your mention of trees only reminds me of the great storms we had in the late 80s, where the forest became an assault course with trees/huge branches down like dominos, and all the local golf courses closed due to trees across the fairways.

    Anyway, that's me done and looking forward to riding next year.

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    I expected as much, though under the right conditions* it can dry out incredibly quickly ( in places ) once everything starts to grow.

    *yeah, I know.

    Some of the sections up from Wood Street to Chingford can also get really bad, but we won't be doing those.

    That sounds like exactly the right approach to these rides. If everyone lived locally and was up for bath loads of mud, nowhere is really off limits, although there are a few stretches where forward momentum would come rapidly to a halt – particularly in the parts you’ve chosen to avoid.

    As you are well aware, lots of forest around High Beech dries out very rapidly regardless. Even if the weather turns really nasty on the days the rides take place, there are still miles and miles of single track and bridleways which will still be rideable – more than enough for five or six hours out and about - and leave folk in a reasonably clean state to ride back or take the train without concern.

    The bits of the forest I like the best are both hilly and marsh like. These areas are kindly building my case at home to get one of the fat tired Surly bikes.

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    As Cake says, it's muddy. It's pretty much down to the fact that in 2012 the forest never really dried out and we went straight in to a wet Winter; it's May now and all I see is dark clouds and more rain in the forecast. Most of the areas I would happily walk about in an old pair of trainers is still firmly walking boot territory.

    The worst is the east side of the forest, behind the golf course closest to the station in Bury Road, including Pole Hill, Hawkwood Hill & Yardley Hill, as these are always the last places to dry out in good warm weather. The rest of the forest reminds me of conditions you would expect underfoot (wheels) in late October. Bottom line is it is still very rideable, just use tyres for muddy conditions and frames with a bit of clearance. I usually went across the forest on a cyclocross bike with disc brakes and if my back was up to it, I'd be happy to do so as it is now.

    Have fun!

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    1. The current plan is to remove, to make space, and re-stock.

    2. Mrs JJ is a very understanding woman - but what she spends on shoes and handbags puts by bike addiction to shame.

    3. My Flying Gate is surprisingly practical - in fact it is my main ride for the daily commute.


    I can see removing and making space. Re-stocking is going to be tough given the quality of the list you already have.

    Mrs JJ believes in a level playing field. I once got caught in the crossfire of an argument between a friend and his wife over his desire to increase his collection to two bikes; she felt this excessive as he only had one rear end, therefore one bike. I pointed out she had dozens of shoes but only had two feet. As my friend then made an unusual gurgling noise and went a funny colour, I'm not sure my observation helped.

    The Flying Gate sounds better and better!

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    Great post Jingle Jangle. Three points:

    1. You need to find an analyst who understands the need to retain them all.

    2. I can point my wife to your posting and say 'See, I have an incredibly small number of bikes, hardly worth mentioning'.

    3. I like your Trevor Jarvis Flying Gate in the line up. I'm looking for one with a 62/64cm frame, preferably coming with a justifiable reason to own one as I have no real need to have one, I'd just like to have one - this, apparently, isn't good enough.

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    My local shop has started using this: http://www.collectplus.co.uk/

    Try the postcode finder to see if there is a shop near you. If the post becomes much more expensive, it will be cheaper to just take it to the destination yourself.

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    I really like Reynolds framed bikes from the 60s & 70s. My budget allows me to find examples only fit for the road again after an extensive period on my workstand - hence the user name.

    I find the ones that someone last rode over a decade ago, put into the back of a garage and forgotten in a hissy fit - usually caused by something breaking whilst out on the last ride the owner had, and making him push it home. Eventually buried in the dross that builds up in garages over the years, the garage is eventually cleared out when there is no more space to squeeze things into, and the bulk of the stuff put up for sale. The advert usually goes something like this:

    Cycle, good quality not used since I gave up cycling some years ago, very little use, carefully garage stored but a few cosmetic scratches. Will need a little work and a service. £xxx Ring etc...

    Great game, we both really know what the score is and that it will need a complete rebuild!

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    Sorry to hear that mate. There will be other rides though.

    Hope your back gets better soon!

    Many thanks.

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    The list[/U]

    1. BareNecessities
    2. mmccarthy ( potential deputy ride guide and holder of the "ugly bike but nicer in real life" award )
    3. Howard
    4. Andrew
    5. dicki
    6. cake
    7. mdizzle
    8. Mikey5000
    9. weazlepopper
    10. zeez
    11. Shoosh
    12. IndraRipper ( potential sacrifice to the forest gods? carrying all tools, food, drinks and changes of clothes)
    13. Alkali
    14. Texas ?

    15. dimi3
    16. Mirius
    17. J.Dennis
    18. Alfie
    19. Tenners
    20. Ramaye
    21. Zebra cyclist
    22. malandro (+1 possibly)
    23. Sparkles
    24. Stedlocks (shift pattern allowing)[/QUOTE]

    I'm dropping myself off the list (number 15 spot). I had a stupid accident some weeks ago where I jolted my back (missed my footing at a kerb of all the ridiculous things to do) and I still can't cycle more than about 50 yards or walk more than about a mile at present. It will be a while until I'm up to riding - off road or otherwise. Have fun!

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    I confess thread, please gentlemen.

    *Keep at it Workstand; you'll be fixed in no time ;-)

    Damn! I'm torn between improving my cycling or just pitching this as a plot to a film studio.