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Designer of digital things. Co-owner of Llama Studio. Former inhabitant of London, Tokyo & Sidcup.

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    Since I got a new work machine, I'm trying out the Big Sur Public Beta on my own laptop. It is going to take a lot of getting used to the new look!

    While about 60-70% of it is fine, the menubar is awful, both the vertical padding being too tight and the icon spacing being to wide. Inactive/active windows are really hard to distinguish between and everything is just too white.

    Control centre is nice though, as is messages being fully featured. Safari is also fast.

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    I mentioned that I had the cricket on to a few Spanish colleagues, and they asked me what game, so I linked to the Guardian OBO ... The latest update at time was this one:

    "Gah! Rashid rips a googly through O’Brien, just past leg stump, past Bairstow and away for four byes."

    As one guy said, I understand every third word in that sentence.

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    Really? That is a lot of blanket statements without understanding my relationship with the tenants, the financial situation that led to us renting out our house, how many houses we own, where we live ...

    Wind it in a bit, FFS.

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    This is probably way out there, but what the hell. I'd rather a sale on here and donate to the forum than give eBay or a dealer the money. Also, the heaviest thing ever sold here?

    This was bought as a thirtieth-birthday present for my wife five years ago. Sadly we then decided to move to Spain, hence the need to sell. Steinmayer S108 upright piano, bought second hand in 2015.

    In great condition and tuned and serviced this week. Bought because it is a great compact piano, ideal for a smaller house or for people starting out. Stool included. Google Nest and WiFi router not included (and no idea why the tenants couldn't move them for the photos).

    Stats taken from this listing.

    • Height 108cm
    • Width 143cm
    • Depth 57cm
    • Weight 198kg

    I'd love to get in the realm of £1,250, collected by the buyer (as we aren't in the UK) from Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Happy for people to view it etc.

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    It was a little amusing in Valencia on Saturday as the news broke - we were in a part of town that has a lot of tourists and you could see the news break in the bar we were in. I got asked 3 or 4 times by other Brits if it affected me.

    I won't lie, given the people and media here are livid and pointing to the fact that a number of the outbreaks are likely the fault of tourists, I was smug as fuck.

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    Wearing a mask just became mandatory in Valencia everywhere outside except the beach and the pool, and when seated at a table to eat/drink. Hoping sport is also included otherwise my 8-a-side football is gonna be horrible.

    Was expected by most, mainly because so many tourists arrived without masks and were not following the rules we’ve had here since lockdown began, which were based on common sense. i.e. “wear them inside, and outside when you can’t maintain a safe distance please”.

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    No problem. To be honest, it was fun remembering all the steps we had to go through.

    The most frustrating part was paying for the NIE number application, as you need to pay at a bank and get a form stamped before going to the police station. We visited seven banks that all asked what my NIE was before they could accept the payment, (we eventually were successful at Banco Sabadell).

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    ‘están’, as ‘servicios’ is plural 😉