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    Still available?

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    Just this email

    “ Thank you for your patience on this one.

    I have, and the vendor has said that if you are able to increase to closer to the asking price, he will go chain free and go into rented so you are not waiting.

    Please let me know your thoughts and I will go back to XXXX”

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    Anyone got experience of holding sellers to account for a ‘gentleman’s agreement’?

    Seller asked for £5k extra and in return he’d go into rented and we would be chain free.

    Three months later I’m ready to complete and he’s holding off to complete on his new purchase.

    Stupidly never got it in writing. Do I threaten to reduce the offer by 5k?

    Also, estate agent just disappeared from Stanfords without a trace, didn’t update anyone she was leaving, having to start negotiations from scratch with a new agent. Love this process!

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    Update, still going with this. Now talking directly to Nationwide who are slightly less incompetent than L&C it seems….

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    Whereabouts are you? I’m in Ipswich

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    Anyone got a lead on:

    105/Ultegra rear callipers in stock
    Shimano brake fluid


    Ideally in a physical shop in London, have seen there’s a few online options but would rather buy from a store.

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    @PhilDAS wins. In the bin, new one on its way. Not sure what that bolt is made from. Not sure it’s metal. 🧀

    Full saga:

    Rear brake is noisy.
    Take off wheel at home. Clean rotor. Decide to sand back pads a bit, as it’s been standing unused for a few months. Go to undo the retaining bolt - screwdriver churns up the thread on first go.
    Find a sharper screwdriver. Get the bolt inbound, but it seized up again.
    Spray WD40 and leave it to soak.
    Return. Try again. Screwdriver churns the thread up completely.
    Try the exposed other side with needle nose pliers. Snaps clean off.
    Things are starting to get annoying here.
    Get the drill out and find the stripped bolt bit. Whole head of bolt scrapes clean off.
    At this point I know it’s over.
    Drill into the bolt to remove it, still stuck.
    Remove calliper from bike, finding all my mineral oil has spilt into the bleed kit box. Problem for later.
    Saw a small incision onto bolt, try screwdriver again. Instantly strips.
    Cut through the bolt in the middle. Still seized
    Try undoing the torx nuts to disassemble the whole calliper. Spins around and nearly slices my finger off with the faced flat mount edge.
    Throw in bin, order new one from Sigma for £48.

    Worst thing is the brake was working fine, just loudly. Should have just left it. Off to France Monday, hoping Sigma’s next day truly is next day 🤞