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    Well done.
    It's surprising how many businesses are (purposefully) ignorant of the Clean Air Act
    and the fact that all London Boroughs are Smoke-free zones.

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    What was the starting point for the 10th anniversary GSIAD?

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    Yes, that video suggested it's the perfect venue for earnest discussions of dedicated cycling infrastructure, or updates on spiling and natural flood management from the Glory that is Ruislip.

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    Would the Forum really cycle out to Ealing?

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    And thank you!
    This one of the few areas of expertise or knowledge that I can share with the forum.
    After tanalised timber we can them move onto (melamine-faced) mdf
    (phenol-formaldehyde resin-bonded) plywood,
    neither of which should be burnt by householders.

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    Please don't tell me it was used to fire your forum-approved outdoor pizza oven?

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    I really only know of 'zinger' from the Big Bang Theory,
    the recipient of a Sheldon zinger seldom looks happy or even comforted.
    While I can be as sarcastic or ill-tempered as anyone,
    I had hoped that my earnest request to jackbepablo was factual, informative,
    and positive in offering an alternative (eventual) solution to the disposal of old fence panels and sheds. I realise this is now sounding a bit too earnest,
    but having made a career out of selling (benign) chemicals
    I try to do my bit to help people who will not know the continuing risks
    from previous standard practise.
    The other obvious example is safely removing old gloss paint that
    unbelievably used to contain lead acetate as a curing agent.

    If we, all, get through this, drop over to Wests for a Thursday night drink.

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    (Realise it may be a long time
    until you can drop off treated wood at the Councils facility).

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    100 degrees centigrade to soften the glue

    Occam's Razor suggests a hot-melt adhesive to re-seal, then.
    Does Porsche offer a Workshop headlamp re-seal kit?

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    Please don't ever suggest burning old fence panels or wooden sheds.

    The old way of preserving thin section timber was tanalising.
    Planks of timber were loaded into a thick steel walled pressure chamber and a vacuum applied.
    The solvent-based tanalising liquid was then pumped in, with (hopefully) all the microscopic airholes in the timber filling with the tanalising fluid.

    The pressure chamber was then returned to normal air pressure and the timber unloaded, allowing the solvent to evaporate.

    Quite apart from the solvent contributing to NMVOCs, (non-methane volatile organic compunds), adding to urban smog,
    the active material in the tanalising liquid was copper chrome arsenate.
    Any of those three constituents will kill you,
    you and your neighbours don't need toxic smoke in the local atmosphere,
    especially as we currently have the cleanest air in living memory.

    Any old fence panels and sheds can be safely deposited at your local Councils domestic recycling facilities, when they re-open.

    tl;dr: don't burn old fence panels or sheds.