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    Soon, we'll be able to meet up and cycle together in a group of more than 6.
    Gather in (The Glory that is ) Ruislip, for a curated trip to see the damage caused by HS2 to Ruislip and Harefield. Marvel at the concrete segment factory built just inside the M25. We can see a bit more of the Chilterns, (Bluebells!).

    Date: Well let's see if that R number continues to fall, but soon.

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    But fortunately Bailey is lamentable,
    so I can vote Green/Sadiq and sleep soundly.

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    I believe you are.
    There is zero chance of Sean Bailey, or, any other right wing candidate passing 50% of first choice votes. There are at least three swivel-eyed loons who will peel off some anti-bike/anti-Sadiq votes.
    Depending upon the weather on the day, which will affect turnout,
    Sadiq has a good chance to win on first choice votes.
    My Green first choice vote registers discontent with some of the policies of the last five years, but my second choice vote indicates that a Labour London Mayor is much better option for all Londoners than anyother realistic alternative.

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    Other than HS2, did you enjoy Ruislip Woods?
    The Wood Anemone, (in Park Wood), is again spectacular.

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    You've got a transferable vote for 'Mayor'.

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    Yes, there should be a forum ride to survey the damage that HS2 is causing,
    from Ruislip golf course, through Harefield, the concrete segment factory at Denham Green, then into the Chilterns.

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    Panicked phone from distant* elderly widowed neighbour.
    Touched (= hit) a kerb with front nearside wheel,
    steering went heavy and a loud unusual noise.
    She managed to get the car home.

    Could I pop round and change the damaged tyre for the spare for her?

    [* She lives across Ruislip Municipal golf course from me,
    and is the mother of a schoolmate with whom I am in regular contact.
    He resides in south west France].

    I have some chores to do, but roll up around 5pm,
    Tyre is wrecked, but remarkably little (noticeable) damage to wheel.

    Spare is full size, but the car is only a '13 reg Fabia so easily manhandled out of the spare rearwell along with the jack and wheel wrench.

    Fortunately wheelnuts have not been hammered in, and me standing on wrench loosens them. Jack up car and give the wheel the typical pull on the alloy spokes. It stays stubbornly in place. Try standing on one of the alloy spokes, the wheel still won't budge.

    Start wondering what else I can do, when I notice the jack had wandered a bit off vertical as I wound it up. Release the jack by a few revolutions, tyre makes contact with ground, then wheel, then the weight of the car overcomes the corrosion sticktion.

    Pop spare on, ensure wheelnuts are 'adequately' done up, by standing on wrench again. Rewarded with a coffee and chocolate biscuits.

    Car will be drivem, in the morning to local tyre place for replacement tyre.

    Don't tell anyone I had no idea had to remove the corrosion stuck wheel until fiddling with the jack did it for me!