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    Would go perfect on this polo bike! Can I take third dibs, can collect whenever

  • in Bike Polo
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    I kinda like the idea best two out of three!

  • in Bike Polo
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    1. Mandem - Saul, Louie, Adam
  • in Midweek Evening Rides (TNRC, WNKR)
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    Need to pick up some Gumtree finds in Lee first and will meet you there!

  • in Bike Polo
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    Hot Mess (Ziemek, Vango, Chukker)
    The Weekend (Josh, Charlie, Miles)
    MMA (plumber, Max,, Ali)
    GOOD AT POLO (Jess, Lex, Mya)
    Notorious Raspberries (Lorena, Danny, Louie)
    Last of us (benji maxou JH)
    Luxury Dingle (Callum, Lucy, Tom)
    Wham Bam Thankyou Ma'am (Jono, Cam, BeagleTime)
    Total Eclipse ☾✩ (Hebiri, Majard, Saul)

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    Wham bam f*ck you Cam, you fellas good for Newington either the 18th, 31st or the 15th?

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    Can Day Drunk make it to Mitch the 28th, 4th or 11th? Against Total Eclipse

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    The Notorious Raspberries - Danny, Lorena, Louie
    Luxury Dingle - Tom, Lucy, Callum
    Day Drunk - Ben, Woody, Mrak
    Wham Bam Thank You Cam - Frax, Jono, Cam
    Hot Mess - Vango, Vidal, Ziemek
    CLERKS! - Jimmy, Flex, Stoney
    Good at polo - Lexi, Jess, Mya
    Meep meep Akubra - Max, Matt, Ali
    The Weekend- Josh, Miles, Charlie
    Total Eclipse - Hebiri, Rodrick, Majard

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    1) Velocio y
    2) cgg
    3) Jonny69 y
    4) Ruserius y
    5) Oliver y
    6) scratchabit y
    7) JLaxe
    8) xtc
    9) Ndeipi y
    10) Ninjadeipi
    11) digs86
    12) FrayMo
    13) mespilus
    14) malandro y
    15) DoubtfulAce
    16) Mick
    17) jaeyukdapbap
    18) Settle y
    19) jcksprggs y
    20) pastry_bot
    21) tlwr
    22) Alex_Ch
    23) tonyme
    24) ioreka
    25) brokenbetty y
    26) Saibot y
    27) dimi3
    28) 9lives
    29) Zebra_Cyclist y
    30) ShreddiMercury y
    31) ChainBreaker y
    32) ric_a5 y
    33) Mk1mark y
    34) alchemist

    A bit late but looking forward to joining for this one!