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    I find the council's cycle support officer/team is usually VERY helpful - or your local Cycle Action Group - in London this is LCA... and you could just ring the Cycle Force Team/Transport Police for advice. If it's on private property you can contact the owner/landlord/tenant and see if they mind or know the owner's whereabouts if you can prove you have done everything you can to make contact with the owner then you're on solid ground. If has Bike Register sticker and etched number on contact Bike Register 0800 587 4739

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    Hello new to this so sorry if just jump straight in. I am new to leading rides and am looking for beginner level 10km to 15km routes in central, east London - any experiences?

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    having been sitting around in them for the last hour, they still feel tight, might need to exchange... bah.

    Hello - new to this so hope you don't mind me jumping in! I make clothes or rather I recycle clothes and am looking for models for a new line of CITYwear cycling clothes for women. Is anyone in London, King's Cross, Angel, City??