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Back from the Dead of Knee Injuries.

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    Awesome. I sent you a great travel itinerary. You'll truly enjoy.

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    Side note:
    Bequai (Carib word for island of the clouds) in the Grenadines - the last remaining settlement in the Caribbean. Others were forcefully removed from the Caribbean and placed in South America and other places or into slavery or murdered.

    Little known fact many Islands and even the word Caribbean are Carib ancestral names. Other islands have since been renamed by the Spanish/British and French.

    We inhabited the lesser Antilles for centuries you may not see our islands on google maps unless you know the names of the many islands but in the UK it doesn't matter they're only two boxes "Black British/Black Caribbean".

    My 10 year old daughter submitted a paper about our ancestry and islands and the level of ignorance at her school that she was met with by British white & BLACK Caribbean was staggering. They even called her a liar. She came home and broke down in tears. So I showed her how to educate them and find the islands on google maps to educate them that we exist and here are our islands and here is our history.

    Anyway back on topic:
    Whether Carib or not they're only 2 boxes. Not one for Carib
    either one affects me the same "Black Lives Matter" or at least everyone thrown into that box lives knowing that our reality is different to yours. There is only one race - The Human race.

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    For Sale are my near pristine - WHITE New model Bont Riot Buckle shoes with original box, bag, and extra heel pads.
    Used once. Love the feel but bought the black colour instead definitely my favourite shoes. Just not a fan of the white so getting rid of them. I was impatient at the time as they only had the white available in my size.

    These are the new model Bont Riot buckle SPD SL shoes.
    Sizing - exactly the same as Shimano. I wear a 44.5 in the Shimano its the same on these new model Bonts.


    Collection Only.

    SPD SL cleats and cleat covers NOT included

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    BLM post. Thanks for this.

    Racism in the UK is REAL. I face it regularly and experienced it once I turned 16 thankfully My mother and father prepared me for this and told me once I turned 16 I would be treated like a threat/criminal. So I understood to remain calm despite people's ignorance and hatred but it doesn't change and hasn't changed.

    Being originally from the Caribbean this is a fact.
    Whether I was in the US/Canada or Europe - its in your face in major cities and less so in the suburbs unless you want to date someone's daughter.
    Or here in the UK - its more subtle with workplaces never giving you an outstanding although you outperform your peers and put in more hours. Or being passed over for a promotion despite you then being the pillar of info that when the shit hits the fan you get called to help and not the person who got the promotion even though its their job.

    The only Times I have transcended racism is when performing on a stage or as a competitive athlete representing a country. FACTS. The famous imagery of "Josephine Baker - Dance Monkey Dance" never left me and reminds me how little has changed in acceptance of Black Lives.

    Despite being a pillar of my community
    I have been stopped and searched with my 3 kids in Islington and Tottenham
    I have been stopped and searched with my wife
    I have been questioned politely by police outside MY HOME as to why I was "hanging around" - its a nice neighbourhood.
    I have been "randomly selected" stopped and searched at immigration in the UK and Europe and let's not forget the Texas experience where I missed my connection flight and had to sleep at the airport for 5 hrs before my next flight due to me being randomly selected as I was boarding the plane.
    I have had 3 strip searches while travelling to/from the UK
    I have had mouth swabs and Shoe swabs when travelling with my business colleagues internationally. "Another random selection" While they weren't.

    Even though I have never committed a crime. I am an Ex- Olympic Swimmer, I have adopted 2 boys, I have had 2 Enhanced Criminal Background checks performed in the UK. I have a blended family and step family of mixed race. 3 girls and 3 boys. Yeah big family love it.

    All they see is "Fear/hate" Yes racism is alive and well in the UK.

    So I share this to make you aware to educate your children, prepare them and for those who were unaware this happens in the UK. It's alive and well.

    So Black Lives Matter!!!! The most ridiculous thing of this all is ...

    If you only knew me you'd find out I am of Carib descent. Native to the Caribbean(the word is my language and it means Land of The Caribs) Yes the people who were there before the Europeans and Africans. But there is no Box for that and so all you see and fear is "Black". I wish people would get to know me so they would learn about the Caribs and OUR history.

    Anyway signing off I strive to live and treat everyone with respect and forgive those that are ignorant. Much love for this thread. Hope this prepares others and awakens others to the reality of the UK. Racism towards "Black" people even though you may be Carib is Alive and Well.

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    Alright @Dick let's do this. I'll DIBS and PM you now.

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    WAIT UNDIBS @Dick just realised I can't use a trainer that is noisy in an upstairs flat. I need to do some research on more quiet solutions.

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    If you know of a way I'll DIBS this and take it for £30