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    I do also have some he and they bikes...no JK.

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    After a couple of years "but I COULD get into road cycling" thoughts, I'm selling this beaut of a bike.

    I bought it 5 years ago from fellow LFGSS'ers and it did me some solid service skipping around town and on some lengthy rides & tours.

    Major decline in use over last couple of years as bikepacking and bouncy 90s MTB frames took over...PLUS after subsequent bike fit, it turns out she's too small for me (I'm 5ft 7").

    Her name is Wibble (the Ribble) and she needs a new forever home.

    A little about the old girl:

    • She's got a badass paint job but after someone's blundered attempt at pinching her a few years back she has a tiny dink in the top tube (tried to take a photo but it's small and would be fixable with a frame builder) and some extra chips to the paintwork (again, did my best at taking pic of all of them). I kept thinking I'd respray but never got round to it or had the heart as its so cool as is.

    • Reynolds 531 steel frame, unsure of era, soz. Other than the chips/dink the frame is in good condition and super light.

    • 52cm across the top and 50cm from top of seat tube to centre of BB

    • Shimano Tiagra group set - 2 x 10 speed

    • Campagnolo narrow road drops and quill stem

    • Jazzy Cinelli zebra tape. These came on bike and they were so rad I didn't change them up but probs could do with fresh tape.

    • New-ish Specialized road clip pedals Might have some spare flats hanging around to swap out if you'd prefer

    • Planet X AL30 wheel set. Skinny aero spokes, quick release and light as anything.

    • Please ignore saddle, it's not included, just left it on to look more complete look in photos. It won't come with saddle as I always feel like that's a personal preference. Especially for lady folks....However, if it is a sticking point I can probably dig one out.

    • General bike well-being...gears are all happy chappies, brakes nice and responsive, pads still have plenty of life in them, and bearings & bottom bracket all smoooooth.

    • Awesome dino-stickers and spokeydoke from previous owner and they stayed because they were cool. If you disagree that dinosaurs are cool, I can remove them for you.

    £400 ONO
    Test riding/pick up/having a look in Elephant & Castle.

    Message me for times but I'm freelancing and flexible.


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    Thanks for the reply. Will send over my measurements in a mo and you can tell me if I have Hoy-like thighs or not :)

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    I also has the same issue with the trousers. Ended up getting a large, normally wear a medium, it was too big on the waist but legs were too skinny to move. I couldn't comfortably lift my knee up which is a bit of an error on cycling trousers...
    It's a shame because I have the cotton rain shorts which I have in a large (they're a bit big but legs were comfier that way) and I love them and wear practically everyday.

    Perhaps legs patterns are being cut around a fitting model who doesn't cycle?

    I don't think I have particularly bulky legs for a cyclist, but I do struggle to buy trousers in the everyday high street shops which are perhaps designed for less muscular thighs?...

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    Thanks for links! Not what I'm after but thanks all the same :)

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    Just heard the commotion from my window and I'm on the other side of the roundabout.
    I recommend avoiding coming through here at the moment, traffic is clogged up down all roads off of the Elephant.

    Fingers cross for good news.

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    This sounds great! Can't do tonight but can come along next week for sure, putting it in my diary now.