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    That sounds reasonable. Thanks for the info!

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    Fancy doing this some saturday or sunday morning, starting around zoo. How early should one start to actually be able to cycle or is this a nogo during summer weekends?

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    Hi, has this one been sold already?

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    Anyone used the SON rear light on seat tube instead of seat post? Any issues to be expected? Worrying that seat post positioning would limit the use of saddle bags. Appreciate the shorter wiring compared to the mudguard version, which is another alternative.

    Tight clearances might prevent me wiring inside the guards which would result in ugly cabling, i guess.

    Edit: Got the mudguard mounted SON taillight, and it seems to suit my needs more than enough. Wiring got sorted out using the rounded edges of GB 50mm fenders as a perfect, tight channel for SON coaxial cable. Just don´t know how well it hold the cable in the long run but it was tight to install.

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    Thanks for update! However, the saddle was the one and only item I picked up during my brief visit. Cheers to Northlondonlight for a solid yet scuffed Brooks B17.

    Regarding those Montegrappa saddles, anyone with first hand experience care to share how they are?

    Other items remain on the wanted list. I'm more than eager to get some smaller items of the list - if someone is willing to post.

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    Visiting London and thought to give it a try to acquire some bike-related stuff instead of fridge magnets. Following items are in my long term shopping list:

    -square taper triple(double) crankset (preferably JIS) with 46/36/(26) range, give or take +-2, with appropriate BB (BSA).
    -Shimano (or comp.) rear hub for cassette, 36h, 130mm OLD
    -SON dynamo hub, 36h, for rim brakes
    -8/9/10 sp. bar end shifters (Shimano)
    -Looong reach brakes (75mm and up, not recessed nuts)
    -front rack that attaches to fork dropout eyelets
    -GB fenders (or similar) 650b-50mm.
    -Leather saddle (Brooks Team pro etc....)

    Saddle preferably black. All other parts that I'm looking should be in silver.

    Can pick up 27-30.12 in London. After that post in EU (until no deal at least).


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    Hi, its time to revive this thread.

    My Basso needs some work to do, and i would like to do it without compromising the looks, however being reasonable at the same time.. It has a campagnolo 8 speed drivetrain with a rear wheel (record hub with cxp30 rim) that is failing, see the picture on cone damage. It works when not too tight, but the difference between smooth and shitty operation is very small. Even if its running well now I'm not expecting it to last forever. I reckon it is out of question to get hold of those cone parts today.

    1st option is to keep the most and build a new rear wheel - i do have a same period rear hub (veloce) waiting to be laced. I’m though a little bit unsure of the continued supply of 8 speed campagnolo cassettes. --> if this would be reasonable, any suggestions on which rims should i build the the new wheel?

    2nd option is to make a moderate upgrade and buy new shimano compatible wheelset and (bar end?) shifters for 8-or 9-speed, but then i need also shimano rear der, i suppose? This option would though streamline my maintenance needs. I do like my deore/a719 wheels and ultegra bar-ends in my touring bike.

    3rd option is to obtain new wheels and new groupset, such as veloce 10 sp. Nice, but kinda pricey.

    Another issue is with the brakes, holders won't accept period correct brake pads (BR-RE600). I think that the holders might be changed - those worn pads were marked "dura-ace". Anybody know off-the-shelf brake holders with pads which would suit 1994 campagnolo record brakes?

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    After rejecting ILE rack bag as advised above I solved my front rack bag needs with this Vaude Silkroad Plus.

    Perfect fit with Pelago medium sized commuter rack, even if velcro attachment straps are quite on the short side. I'm quite happy with this solution, perfect for my needs in commuting/light touring, and I still got the option open for front panniers.