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    Fair enough. Bear in mind that frame fixings can be put in by drilling clean through the batten and into the wall, so you could always add them.

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    Sounds good, but my main concern is that you're using 50mm screws to go through a 20mm batten and then plaster, which means that you're not very far into the brick.

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    The problem is climate skeptics (like the person who sent me the article) then cherrypick points as a gotcha.

    Yeah sigh. The "someone changed their mind so the whole thing is a sham" vibe is very strong. I'm sure lots of the points could be very carefully unpicked, but my initial reactions were:

    Humans are not causing a ‘sixth mass extinction’ - That doesn't mean we're not wiping out huge numbers of species and harming our own wellbeing

    The Amazon is not ‘the lungs of the world’ - so? It doesn't mean it doesn't have value in terms of biodiversity.

    Climate change is not definitively making natural disasters worse - Note that he says "not definitively", which is absolutely not the same as "definitively not"

    Fires have declined 25% around the world since 2003 - Hmm... the trend does look quite upward since the 90s in the USA at least. Is that a bit selective in terms of a baseline?

    Carbon emissions are declining in most rich nations and have declined in Britain, Germany, and France from the mid-1970s - Good, so?

    Netherlands is becoming richer, not poorer while adapting to life below sea level - Classic reactionary gotcha right there. It's a very rich nation, which might have done even better if it didn't have to maintain extensive sea defenses. How do we think places like Bangladesh will fare? Note that this does admit to the reality of sea level rises.

    We produce 25 per cent more food than we need and food surpluses will continue to rise as the world gets hotter - In the places that need it?

    Habitat loss and the direct killing of wild animals are potentially larger threats to species than climate change - Habitat loss is potentially linked to climate change. Also, why can't we address all of them. Again, note that climate changes is accepted here.

    Wood fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels - Agreed.

    Preventing future pandemics requires more not less ‘industrial’ agriculture - That seems like a statement which will have much more detail in the book.

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    A few things to consider there:

    • Are the shelves strong enough not to be pulled apart by the weight of stuff on them? As @nefarious said you might not want the whole thing under tension.
    • How are the shelves actually held onto the wall? Are they split battens with a slope that pushes the shelf to the wall under load or will it be screwed to the them or to the wall elsewhere?
    • Are the battens secure? I'd be inclined to go deeper onto the brick if you're only using 50mm screws to go through plaster and into brick. My kitchen cupboards are incredibly heavily loaded but are only hanging on 2 frame fixings, which are much deeper.
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    Never thought about that, but it sounds on the money and will be the theory I extol going forward as though I came up with it.

    I think the theory put forward by @itsbruce about Dunning-Kruger is probably also relevant. I hung out with some properly intelligent people through uni and there is a strange effect whereby being in that intellectually rarefied environment does give people (over-) confidence that whatever comes out of their mouth on any topic is correct just because. I remember having some pretty wanky discussions where we were certain that we'd thrashed out some deep topic to a real conclusion (and, to be fair, probably did more with the available information than many people would be able to) but ignored the value of real practical experience and all the stuff that we didn't know we didn't know. Generally I was hanging out with engineers and scientists who were quite practical and so who had no problem tying their shoelaces, but I can definitely see that the same environment but in a very abstract, theoretical field could leave you completely missing important life skills.

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    I wonder if these people are just a bit thick, eccentric, or if they are smart enough to know that they are basically protected and untouchable due to having valuable skills that are in such demand so there is literally no benefit to them in engaging with 'lower level life' and attaining actual life skills.

    Failing to pick up basic life skills isn't the preserve of the super-intelligent. There may be a degree of obsessive interest in theoretical matters that limits experience of real-life interactions and tasks (like a football prodigy having no idea how to do anything but play football, because he's always been nurtured to do only that). Alternatively it could just be common-or-garden cluelessness as seen in a small percentage of people across all demographics, which is just thrown into sharp relief by their obvious intelligence in a specific area.

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    I could use that Ventura seatpost, PM incoming.

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    I asked this recently. Didn't get any response, but got a new KMC Z7 in the end for about £7.50 I think going second-hand for chains is a false economy.