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Just a 24 year old trying to survive in London.

2nd Line IT Support Technician
Cycle Mechanic at Micycle Islington when free.
Fixed Gear Racer, Road bike cyclist kind of guy.
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    I don't want to be that guy... but I've just seen that crankset go for £100 with bb and chainring.

    Product depreciation is a real #####

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    Potential dibs on the cassette, where is the best place to collect?

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    Yeah your right. I just feel like a sitting duck and just want some justice.

    I'll just wait to hear what they say, thank you.

    And yes, got the pump back, after having to grab it off the man.

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    Hey everyone,

    The irony of my comment today is that I'm actually part of the club that was mentioned earlier, but something very different has happened to me today and I would really appreciate your opinion on what I can do.

    Today I rode with a close friend and a new group, we headed north and were passing quite a few people.

    One of the riders we passed was an old acquaintance that I no longer speak to. While I was at the back of my new group, this person came up next to me and patted me on the back (hard and sarcastically) saying hello and how are you.

    After I climbed the hill I was on and once we reached a roundabout, I told him that I didn't like him and if he could please not touch me or talk to me. His response?

    "What are you gonna do if I touch you again?"

    I asked him if he was a man or a child and to leave me alone. I tried to join my group again but was later followed by him, he came up next to me and grabbed my pump from my back pocket.
    He then threatened me telling me that he wanted to finish this, etc, etc.

    We swerved into a side road and he got off his bike, I stopped because I wanted my pump back. He approached me and told me he was keeping my pump. I watched him put it in his back pocket, shouting at him "give me back my f###ing pump!", he was about to get on his bike so I moved to him and tried to grab it from his back pocket. He stumbled back, almost surprised that I wanted my pump back.

    Bearing in mind that he was off his bike and I was still on mine, he came at me, pushed me and began punching me. I tried to push his punches away from my face. He got me to the side of the head several times until his friend intervened and stopped it all.

    He threatened me again saying "This won't be the last day I'll see you". I circled around him and tried to ring the police but no signal. He jumped off his bike again while I was circling ready to go at me again.

    My Sunday morning ride, ruined, because of nothing but some angry person that I once knew but had no direct connection/issues with.

    So... a police statement has been made. The person in question had texted me saying sorry, saying that grabbing my pump was a joke and that I overreacted by pushing him? And that he had pushed me in retaliation. So he's already admitted to it.

    Thoughts guys? Maybe more back story? I really can't wait to expose this cyclist...

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    Good luck with build dude, this is gona look sick!

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    I bought four frames off @Kajetan, great guy and even better seller - GLWS!

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    Yeah, it was a long shot.. I'd have been more confident if they were solid state drives as per debate on their life expectancy in comparison to standard HDD. Buying second hand HDD's is always sketchy, even if they work today, they may not work tomorrow. Good luck though!