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    We’re looking at T25 this weekend.

    If the body is as good as condition as the owner says it could be a keeper, but I’m slightly put off by LHD (it’s an American import rather than euro). Any real world experiences/advice?

    Also it’s an auto but the internet suggests these are quite smooth and not an issue?

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    I'm looking for a si crankset powermeter in 172.5mm. I think a Stages left arm best fits the bill, but if you have other options lmk

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    Agree - I have a pair of a Chrome Truk’s which are so uncomfortable to both cycle and walk in for those exact reasons.

    I’d really like these Sambas to be different but I doubt they will be

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    Perfect thanks, if @yokes doesn’t take it let me know!

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    1) cozey Medium, Black
    2) Alan_tbt medium black, large grey
    3) GoatandTricycle Medium, Grey x 2 Large, Grey x 1
    4) stelfox
    5) doubleodavey Medium / Black
    6) Big_Ted (Large/Grey please)
    7) miro_o
    8) ltc (1x medium, black 1x large, black and 1x large, olive)
    9) fussballclub Medium / Black
    10) mrJL
    11) Po medium/grey
    12) MicroDosed™ Medium/Olive (Large poppy patch)
    13) Pmccee - large olive
    14) bonk - medium black x 3
    15) PhilDAS - medium olive
    16) roboto
    17) snoops - large black
    18) HarryK Medium, Olive
    19) disq Medium, Dark Olive
    20) ghostface Medium, Olive
    21) cjr
    22) amey (Large poppy patch)
    23) dayday (medium, olive)
    24) M4xime, medium grey
    25) Thrustvector (large, black)
    26) Fieldmouse (medium, grey)
    27) pacef8
    28) Hamham (Medium, Black)
    29) mobe (medium, black)
    30) swmlon (large, olive)
    31) ILb
    32) luft (medium, olive)
    33) Oooooshuaia (medium, olive)
    34) miloas (medium, olive + large, grey)
    35) FourGreenFields
    36) Merak (medium, olive)
    37) iamalex (medium, olive)
    38) LeMesjeu: (medium, grey)
    39) urbs (medium, grey + large, olive)
    40) EstelleGetty
    41) LukeG (medium, black)
    42) alex_s Medium/Black
    43) thegreatbelow (large, olive)
    44) Lolo Medium/Grey
    45) jb72
    46) Acliff
    47) S_b
    48) jackincaves (medium, olive)
    49) Mucker
    50) djc (medium, olive)
    51) rj
    52) Chalfie (medium black)
    53) motoko (medium olive)
    54) TotalShanner Large, Olive
    55) gillies Large, Grey
    56) WilliamJohn (Large, Black)
    57) vneilv
    58) Crumbs
    59) ElGonzo (Medium, Black)
    60) apc (medium, olive)
    61) bodz (medium, olive)
    62) dglshrn (medium, black)
    63) bossman (large grey)
    64) lowbrows (medium, grey)
    65) Jameo (medium grey)
    66) GrimpeurG (Medium, olive)
    67) greeno (medium olive
    68) xDOMx (medium olive + medium grey)
    69) Seager (medium olive)
    70) Rik_Van_Looy (medium black)
    71) Saffronspokes (medium grey)
    72) Jono84 (medium, black)
    73) jaeyukdapbap (medium, black)
    74) Tootalltim (medium grey)
    75) samdaniel (medium, olive)
    76) pastry_bot (medium, olive)
    77) Arvy (Large, Olive) pls
    78) 1to9 (Large, Olive)
    79) youramericanlover (medium, olive)
    80) oheyitsdrew (medium, black)
    81) Hoke (medium, olive)
    82) Barnon (medium, black)
    83) roythamez (medium, olive)
    84) hat_hair (medium, black)
    85) hazzelfrazzel (medium, grey)
    86) Tramp (medium, grey)
    87) pjhobs (small, grey + medium, grey)
    88) CalAmor (medium olive)
    89) cagimaha (medium, grey)
    90) Zeb (black, medium)
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    92) JamesQGM (medium, grey)

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    not sure if it's too late to get above the line!

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    Good to know! I’ve also tried Infinity Reacts and currently returning a pair. Even gave the second iteration a go - sucker for that marketing.