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    Really love this bike but imminent car purchase means cutting down on bikes / saving for ridiculous London insurances.

    2012 Cannondale Caad10

    Fulcrum 5 Wheelset, really good condition, true, hubs perf.
    Shimano Ultegra 2x10 gears.
    Ultegra Flat Bar Levers.
    Richtey Flat Bars.
    Carbon Cannondale Seatpost.
    FSA SLK light carbon crankset, but the left arm is Gossamer ALU, both 175.
    Ultegra brakes with Deore Levers

    Few things differ from the picture (haven't had time to take pictures)
    Saddle will be a good condition genesis saddle, no raceblades and a 3t stem included as I stripped the thompson one.
    It will also come with 2 good condition black tyres (will look at what make exactly soon)

    Is a really great bike and I will miss it, crazy light and fast and really fun / well cared for. Perfect commuter.
    Everything shifts and brakes and does what is should do, serviced in the summer at Cycle PS.

    £725 plz, open to offers

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    @Fixedwheelnut @mcmyk thanks both! Ended up ringing around and got it down to 1k, will give those extra ones a call too see if I can get it down any more.

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    Anyone know any good insurance companies for slightly modified cars, looking at a car that has uprated suspension / tyres / wheels ect. and every quote I have got so far adds 1.5k or more to the price over a standard car?

    I am 25 which I don't think is helping but still didn't think I would be looking at 2.5k premiums...

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    Sugino 75 Direct Drives in good condition.

    The arms are perfect, no rub or damage, have seen on and off use on my Brooklyn for the past year or so.

    Last half a year I really haven't used the bike at all so still in V good condition.

    The BB is definitely usable, not perfect as had some use but I will included it.

    Will take better pics tonight.
    Collection Peckham evenings, Shoreditch day.

    Oh yeah: 165


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    Better picktcha

    Like this bike way more than I thought I would.

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    Suuuuper nice that, love the colour.

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    make sure you can do this, otherwise the louds can't get out.

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    Indicated to pull out to avoid a van this morning (with lots of space infront of the tipper lorry behind me) he kept on trucking forward so had to bail and go behind him. Not the end of the world but wondered why he hadn't seen me.

    Looked into the cab as I passed and the absolute fucking cuntsticle is on his phone. Piloting a massive fucking tipper lorry. Cunt. Tried to take a photo of it but the camera didn't work. Then when I was stopped at the next lights he started to try and taunt me with the fact he was on his phone in the truck. Waving, whistling and pointing at it. Pathetic excuse for a adult person. Wish a lot of jail time on him. Probably after he crushes someone to death.

    It was a lorry with a red OAH Logo on the side, if anyone knows what this company is (and it isn't a rental company) then I would love to know.