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    Class bike, but the Leader forks let it down.

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    What width are those risers?

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    №.Name - ENGRAVING

    1. mdcc_tester - MDCC
    2. dry - PUSSY
    3. jambon - ROLPH
    4. Scunny - JLWCC
    5. Sirbikealot - HTFU (with security bolt option)
    6. drøn - STUMP
    7. drøn - drøn (can you do the real barred ø?)
    8. privatepatterson - EFTB
    9. privatepatterson - N/Rz
    10. D_Mars - FASTER
    11. Scilly Suffolk - LFGSS
    12. ltc - BAPTMBGC (if it'll fit)
    13. danstuff - RULE NO 5 (if it'll fit - HTFU if not) - x3
    14. Thuekr - AMEN
    15. mi7rennie - LFGSS
    16. JapeS - JAPES
      19 coventry eagle - Beagle
    17. apollo - #NLTCBMBC
    18. Sumo - SUMO
    19. TM - DREAMING (or RIDE SMILE REPEAT in circle)
    20. Smallfurry - HTFU
    21. peterfletcher - FLETCH
    22. yoav - RULE 5 x2
    23. Waffle - HTFU
    24. Tyrrell - HTFU
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    Looking for a set of pedals and straps if anyone's selling, preferably FGFS straps and BMX platforms.

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    I'm not the best at maths, but Pythagorean theorem only works with right angle triangles and triangle you're making there probably isn't a perfect right angle to that's where your measurement is out.

    I could be spouting absolute shit though.

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    GTA V dispatched by Amazon...

    Really wish I'd preordered it earlier than yesterday. I wasn't expecting them to dispatch it until Monday at the earliest so I left it until the last minute.

    Sickening to think I could be sitting here playing it.

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    I fell off my Brompton this morning, right outside work, while travelling at walking pace.

    Last year I managed to fall off my Plug as I was walking out of the gates of school, just rolling out the path and all of a sudden I was flat out and smashed my head off the ground.

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    2 questions.

    First one, what could I use to make a back support for my Timbuk2 messenger, it's really annoying having something sticking into your back all the time.

    Second, would I be better off putting a grippier tyre on the front or rear to stop me from slipping? My rear lugano is fairly worn and there isn't much tread left so I was thinking of sticking a zaffiro on there for now until I can afford something better. But it'd leave me with 25 on the front and 23 in the rear. Or should I just stick the other zaffiro on the front and put up with the shit ride.

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    Are you going with a back support? Or at least something to protect sharp stuff sticking into your back?