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    I've only ever heard of people cutting them off then drying them. Leaving them on would be more energy consumption for your plant.

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    Thanks for the lovely ride to everyone we met along the way.
    Decided to start at around 10pm this year to avoid waiting at the beach in the cold for too long. Worked a treat although the start was a bit lonely. Minimal cold beach time.

    Did it fixed (not brklss) with a roadie buddy and felt surprisingly comfortable throughout the ride. I put that down to the 2hr nap beforehand and a diet of exclusively jellybabies and half a veggie burger at sudbury.

    Saw a couple of other fixed riders. Amongst them a lady repping fixed beers jersey but on gears, a guy on a vigorelli who responded to a Das with "What is this? 2008?", and a guy with calf tats on a pink surly (steamroller?) who was going wicked fast.

    Naked sea dip similarly excellent. 7/7 would do again.

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    My partner's dad has a generous habit of putting together bikes and sending them to us.
    This mostly manifests itself as decent road F&F plus fancier componentry.
    As nice as this is we don't have the space to keep them. Lucky you guys.

    1) B'Twin Ultra 900 - £620 ono

    • XS Frame (good for 5'1-5'5)
    • Evo Vario fork
    • Groupset: Shimano 105 except for Tiagra cranks
    • Wheelset: NIX 27.30 RT Clincher
    • Seatpost: NIX K-S47 Karbon 21 mm Layback
    • Handlebars: Fizik Cyrano R1 Carbon

    It's seen ~300km.

    2) BH Sphene with funky upgrades - £1100 (open to splitting)
    Standard entry-level frame with much nicer bits.

    • BH Sphene Claris frame and fork. Medium (good for 5'9 - 5'11)
    • Groupset: Ultegra everything
    • Wheelset: Mavic Cosmic SL (can't find an exact match online. 52mm, alu rims, 16/20)
    • Seatpost: Specialized S-Works carbon
    • Saddle: Pinarello Most eight 3k
    • Handlebars: Controltech TUX carbon

    I've not even had a chance to ride it. Most of the components have done <100km.

    Bottle cages included but keeping the pedals on both.
    Open to offers.
    Based E2.

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    'gel flow' you say?

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    Ha. I finally got sloppy and let on.
    We're not fancy enough for membership but perhaps next year :)
    Hope you enjoyed the special screenings

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    Was at the RHS Hampton Court garden 'festival' yesterday. First time and lots of fun.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how it gently advocated for responsible gardening too. Two of the best show gardens were about drought resistant florals and water conservation. The latter was sponsored by Thames Water and won gold. Another was themed around plastic and ocean waste.

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    Lovely. Passion flowers are so weird and fascinating.

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    Seatpost sold. Just the unplaceable SLR left. Maybe it's a regular SLR at a reasonable price. Maybe it's a super rare bargain. Who knows