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    When riding slowly on the banking you must keep pressing on the pedals and keep your weight on your left arm. Obviousy there is a point where the tyre will slip but 120psi in Vittoria Diamante is not particularly high.

    It is not such a bad thing to learn where you tyres start to slip, but this isn't something for muppets to be trying. Slowest rider I've ridden against is Adey Dent the masters sprint world champion. He goes so slow it is scary and I ended up at the front. He beat me by a country mile.

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    Is Mr Schwalbe riding on a 42 degree banked track?

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    Stage 4 - Everything you did in stages 1-3 bu this time with the coach telling you what he wants you to do, without telling you how to do it.

    My advice FWIW.
    Listen to the coaches instructions. If you are unsure, ask the coach to say again.Then once clear, repeat the task instruction to yourself a couple of times,

    Observe what other riders around you are doing and copy what is being done correctly and recognise what is not.

    A few don'ts:
    -Don't move off until told to do so. Easy mistake to make.
    -Don't forget to listen to what the coach wants you to do, not what you think he wants you to do
    -Don't forget those observational skills
    -Don't slide your hand along the rail when slowing to a stop. Easy mistake to make.
    -Don't clip out without holding on to the rail and only when told to do so. Easy mistake to make

    And more importantly, don't forget to relax and enjoy yourself. Trust me, smiling really helps. NOT grinning.

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    Yukirin - is 1mm going to make that much difference?

    Yes. And if it is the difference between sliding down the banking and not, then you should take it. LVV is extremely well maintained and is kept dust free. Try riding a dusty track at the pace I see some inexperienced doing at LVV? Do some research on the internet. Ask other experienced riders.

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    Just because the coach didn't comment doesn't make it right keanulooser.

    As you stated, "for my 1st 4 sessions." The danger with accreditation system is it makes riders think they suddenly experienced. No it does not. It takes practice, observation and listening to become experienced. Just like it does after passing a driving test.

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    The rules are for the reason I explained, increased surface area. The coloured tread is because two different compounds are used and the grip is not the same. And why you should not be riding Michelin tyres.

    danstuff does that answer your question?

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    Dramatic_Hammer wrote Dibs one pair and Son the taster session sub-forum, saw a guy at track league slip right down the banking a week or two back, which has inspired me to get the best tyres I can!

    Continental Supersonics are good tyres but I am not sure you really sure you want the minimal amount of tyre surface area touching the track as with a 20mm tyre compared to a 23.

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    Their view is that the national accreditation process IS in place - however it is up to the velodromes themselves to agree, manage and administer the process.

    This is almost ad-verbatim what I was told by a coach at LVV last week.

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    Glue your own or in this case your son's tubs on to rims. Nobody else will do it as well as you. I use Vittoria Mastik.

    This is what I do. Clean excess adhesive from rim focusing on lumps, same if re-using tubs. 3 thin coats 12hrs apart, or until very touch dry (not tacky touch dry). 1 coat on tub on 3rd coat of rim. Then a fourth coat on rim, leave for 20 minutes and then fit tub.

    My tip is to start in a differnt place with each coat, as there is a tendency at the start to apply too much adhesive and if this is around the valve then you will get a bump.

    This is the video for gluing tubs on aluminium rims by Continental. There was one for carbon rims which is basically the same.