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    Possibly just the ratchet gummed up with old grease. Get it really hot with a hair dryer. If it sorts it then that’s the issue. Just flush out the old grease and replace with new spray grease. Job done. Hopefully

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    Have you considered buying bikes, repairing them and selling on? Get to do the spannering on your own terms and potentially more money. I did this part time to get cash together to buy my flat. Worked out at a very good hourly rate if you look at it that way

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    It’s a screw on freewheel so yeah you could put 7 speed on no problem.

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    Hi Bradley

    Yes it’s available, can throw me an offer if you like!

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    They’re made for slow bikes which are owned by people who probably won’t know how to/want to maintain them. like Dutch bikes or rental bikes etc.

    They’re a compromise thing. Low maintenance but poor performance.

    I would throw it in the nearest skip and get a proper brake on there. It’s not worth messing around and spending money on when you can get really effective braking from modern calipers/discs/v brakes/hydros which can be bought for very little

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    So another project I’m not likely to sort any time soon.

    This is a Battaglin frame which someone, for some reason, has painted black and painted de ver on. De ver I believe is a bike shop?

    Comes with a 600 chainset which i think might be a track chainset, 5 speed cassette with a suntour sprint derailleur, Shimano levee, old turbo saddle, Sr seat post, michellin gum walls, unknown aluminium box rims, large flange maillard hubs, rare set of Mavic bars and a relatively modern set of Campagnolo record brake calipers.

    The chrome on the forks and rear triangle is in really good condition as you can probably see in the photo.

    There is Bataglin pantographing on the frame and fork.

    22” top tube and 23” seat tube.

    I’m in Brighton and can bring to the station if it helps.

    This is a bit weird of a mix of parts but it comes together and rides really nicely and only 5 gears is quite refreshing.


    I have a set of wheels I was going to use with this which will also be for sale, Campagnolo c record hubs freshly rebuilt and mirror polished with Mavic ma40 rims in anthracite finish. Ask if interested for the wheels as they need to go too.

    Original plan was to respray the frame and use the above wheelset but I won’t get round to it any time this year.

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    This is one of those projects I’ve not got around to sorting.

    It’s a custom made frame, silver brazed using Columbus tubing and same for the forks. It’s dimensions are 22 top tube, 23.5 seat tube. Has fast back seat stays and adjusters on the dropouts.

    When I got it it had a seized seat post, I’ve sorted that and put another post in there, it’s just sat since.

    Has a Shimano 600 groupset, the cranks, B.B, headset, pedals, gears and brakes are all 600 apart from the levers, which are dia compe. Bars are Cinelli criterium and the stem is Cinelli with the oval logo. Has a concor saddle. Wheels are weinnman rims with stainless spokes and maillard hubs, fairly old gatorskin tyres but usable.

    All in all it’s a nice quality bike, only thing is needs is a spoke in the rear wheel to be rideable.

    The paintwork is flakey, all it needs to be looking really good is new paint (or ride as is of course, still looks purposeful).

    The paint has fallen off in lots of places and surface rust has appeared. It’s all solid and no dents that I have found. I think it was just thin paint from the start. As the paint has gone in places you can see the braze is silver.

    It looks as though it hasn’t had much use, mechanically there is little wear.

    As is you could ride it home and is being sold as such.

    I was going to swap out the wheels and respray the frame but it’s not likely to happen soon and I’m having a clear out.

    This could be a pretty awesome old bike, has all the right bits just needs a weekends work.

    £200, I’m in Brighton, can bring to the train station if it helps.