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    Hi Newcastle people. I'm hoping that someone has a spare cycling cap that I can borrow for a couple of days for a photo shoot my friend is doing for a college project. Any help is appreciated!

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    That's a hub brake on the back right? lovely bike, GLWS

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    Would want to avoid rust where possible but if you can send me some pics I'll take a look. :)

    Anyone else got something to offer?

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    Not for me that one, sorry. :)
    Ideally looking for something a little older and lugged but I know I'm getting picky now.

    I should have also said, I'm up in Newcastle so postage would be needed.

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    I'm looking to replace my current track frame which is damaged more than I deem safe anymore.

    I'm looking to spend about 200-250 and definitely only want steel.

    A 56" would be okay too

    Any help would be great :)

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    Ah okay, it's just the rims. They aren't built up.

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    I believe the stem is 1 1/8. It fits into my old Raleighframe.

    Vikingfixed, what do you want to know?

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    Stuff for sells

    Need cash for an Amsterdam holiday I thought was a good idea.

    Fir srg 30 silver tubs.
    28h. Mid nineties in good condition. Lots of gluey gunk but the rims are straight and true. £25 the pair.

    Cinelli giro d'italia handlebars 64-42
    Silver drops. Some scratches to the rear. Easily covered by bar tape. £15

    Cinelli 1A quill stem. 110mm. 1 1/8 Is what it is £10

    Dawes Kingpin. Non folding. Green needs a new gear cable. Sturmy Archer 3speed hub, weinmann brakes. Could do with some TLC. Mudguards are present but unattached £30

    Blue folding bike
    Bit of a wreck. Comes with an extra front wheel cos leaving your bike in newc leads to arseholes kicking it in. £20

    Velo orange threadless bb.
    Fitted for only 10miles. Some scuff marks 68mm shell £25

    Stronglight S2000 cranks.
    Comes with a free half of a bottom bracket! I cant get it off without damaging the threads. Will need to double check that the nds crank is useable £10

    Will update with pictures. And anything extra I find lying around That people might want. Can meet anywhere in Newc/Gateshead area.