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    Yeah fantastic, thanks again. Aurora bloody chipmunked the muffin and cried when I had to take the rest away (not really allowed).

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    yeah no probs, thanks!

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    victims' experience of the police in crashes of slight and serious injury

    Serious Q - what if the police were the actual ones who mowed you down? (I was a ped)
    Mine was pre-2015, is this a hard exclusion criteria?

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    NorfLondon is dead, long live NorfLondon

    Recipients South of the River:
    5.joe smiff (up for riding again too!)
    9.Senor Bear
    10.Clever Pun

    Recipients North of the river:

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    Notes for anyone who may want to resurrect this ride.

    Continue onto Peter's Hill 0.0 mi
    Left on to Knighrider St
    Right into New Bell Yard
    Turn left onto Carter Ln 0.3 mi
    *Left on Wardrobe Place
    Back to Carter Lane
    Turn left onto St. Andrew's Hill 0.3 mi
    Right into Ireland Yard
    Turn right onto Friar St 0.4 mi
    Left on to Carter Lane
    Left into Church Entry
    Right to Ireland Yard
    Left to Playhouse Yard
    Right into Black Friars Lane
    Right into Cobb's Court
    Left into Priory Ct
    Straigh ahead on Pilgrims St
    Right into Ludgate Hill
    Left into Ave Maria Lane *Worshipful Co of Stationers and Newspaper Makers
    And Warwick Lane *Cutlers Hall
    Turn left onto Newgate St/A40 1.0 mi
    Holborn Viaduct
    Left into Furnival St
    Left Cursitor St
    Right into Macs Place
    *Church Gardens
    Left on Bream's Buildings
    Right on to Fetter Lane
    Left on to W Harding St
    Right to Red Lion Crt
    Turn left onto Fleet St 1.9 mi
    Left into Johnsons Crt
    Back up past Dr Johnsons House
    Continue Straight to E Harding St
    Turn right onto Gunpowder Square 2.0 mi
    Continue straight onto Wine Office Ct 2.0 mi
    Turn left onto Shoe Ln 2.1 mi
    Right into Plumtree Crt
    Up the Holborn viaduct *Houses on either side
    Turn left onto Giltspur St 2.5 mi
    *St Sepulchre's Church
    *Cock Lane
    Turn right onto W Smithfield 2.6 mi
    Turn left towards W Smithfield 2.6 mi
    Turn right onto W Smithfield 2.6 mi
    Turn right onto Cloth Fair 2.7 mi
    Turn right onto Kinghorn St 2.8 mi
    Continue onto Bartholomew Close 2.8 mi
    Turn left to stay on Bartholomew Close 2.9 mi
    Slight right onto Albion Way 2.9 mi
    Left on to Montague St
    Enter Rotunda 3.0 mi
    Exit the roundabout onto Aldersgate St/A1 3.0 mi
    Turn right onto Beech St/B100 3.2 mi
    Turn right onto Viscount St 3.3 mi
    Turn right onto Brackley St 3.3 mi
    Turn right onto Golden Ln 3.4 mi
    Left on to Beech St
    Turn right onto Silk St 3.5 mi
    Turn left onto Fore St 3.8 mi
    *Lap of the church
    Turn left onto Wood St 3.9 mi
    Turn left at Fore St 3.9 mi
    Turn left onto Fore St 3.9 mi
    Turn right to stay on Fore St 4.1 mi
    Turn left onto London Wall/A1211 4.1 mi
    Turn left onto Old Broad St 4.4 mi
    Turn right at New Broad St 4.4 mi
    Turn left onto Bishopsgate/A10 4.5 mi
    Go overland on to Houndsditch and continue 4.6 mi
    Turn left onto Outwich St/A1211 4.7 mi
    Around Aldgate Roundabout for the church
    Keep left to continue on Duke's Pl/A1211 5.2 mi
    Turn left onto Creechurch Ln 5.2 mi
    Turn right onto Bury St 5.3 mi
    Continue straight onto Undershaft 5.4 mi
    Turn left onto Great St. Helen's 5.4 mi
    Turn left onto Bishopsgate/A10 5.5 mi
    Turn left onto Leadenhall St 5.6 mi
    Slight left onto Leadenhall St 5.6 mi
    Turn right onto Whittington Ave 5.6 mi
    Continue onto Lime Street Passage 5.7 mi
    Turn right onto Leadenhall Market 5.8 mi
    Turn right onto Fenchurch Ave 5.9 mi
    Right into Fen Crt
    Turn left onto Fenchurch St 6.0 mi
    Right into Fenchurch Place *Station
    Left into Passage which runs left of station
    Left into Hart St/Crutched Friars
    French ordinary Court
    Turn right onto Savage Gardens 6.2 mi
    Right into Pepys St
    Right into Seething Lane
    Turn left onto Hart St 6.4 mi
    Turn right onto Mark Ln 6.4 mi
    Left into Dunster Ct
    Turn left onto Mincing Ln 6.5 mi
    Dunstan Hill cross the top of the church yard
    Turn left onto Idol Ln 6.7 mi
    Idol Ln turns right and becomes St. Dunstan's Ln 6.7 mi
    Turn right onto St. Mary at Hill 6.8 mi
    Turn left onto Eastcheap 6.8 mi
    Left into Lovat Lane
    Continue straight onto Monument St 7.0 mi
    Continue onto King William St 7.1 mi
    Slight right to stay on King William St 7.1 mi
    Turn left onto St. Swithin's Ln 7.3 mi
    Turn right onto Mansion House Pl 7.3 mi
    Turn left St Stephens Row 7.3 mi
    Turn left onto Walbrook 7.4 mi
    Cross Cannon St
    Continue straight onto Dowgate Hill (Along side the station) 7.5 mi
    Right into College St
    Right into College Hill
    Left into Cloak Lane
    Turn left onto Garlick Hill 7.7 mi
    Turn right onto Little Trinity Ln 7.9 mi
    Turn right onto Great Trinity Ln 8.0 mi
    Turn left onto Queen St 8.1 mi
    Turn left onto Watling St 8.1 mi *Watling Statue
    Turn right onto Bow Ln 8.1 mi *Bow Bells Church
    Continue onto Cheapside 8.5 mi
    Left on to Bread Street
    *Arthur Phillip Statue
    Right on to New change
    Continue onto Newgate St/A40 - In front of St Pauls Tube 8.5 mi
    Slight right onto King Edward St - Right lane /A40 8.6 mi
    *Postmans Park
    Turn right onto St. Martin's Le-Grand 8.7 mi
    Continue onto Cheapside 8.8 mi
    Continue onto New Change 8.9 mi
    Turn left onto Foster Ln 8.9 mi
    Continue onto Noble St 9.0 mi
    Turn right onto Oat Ln 9.1 mi
    Right into Staining Lane
    Turn left onto Gresham St 9.2 mi
    Left to Wood St *Around the tower
    Turn left onto Love Ln 9.3 mi
    Continue onto Aldermanbury/St Mary Aldermanbury 9.3 mi
    Turn left onto Aldermanbury Square 9.5 mi
    *Brewers Hall and Garden
    Back out (leftish) to Basinghall St
    Enter the roundabout 9.5 mi
    Basinghall St

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    Following. We’re @hellohazeldog if anyone fancies following a mini Schnauzer.

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    Rothan to be precise