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    Thanks bunch for the answers all!

    My commute will be around an 1 hour to a shirt+tie office (FML) by bike and I'd be especially keen to avoid public transport what with ya know and costs.

    Fortunately working from home for now, but will try out a couple of your suggestions - main key is probably keeping the feet from getting wet whilst being easy to change out of too.
    Seems like a couple bibs would be needed.

    Pretty much only wear trainers, so may need to invest in cycling shoes to be able to use a decent overshoe - overshoes I've seen for trainers in shops look massive and kinda too baggy for my liking.

    Definitely would be keen on not having to expose my genitalia getting changed in an office environment regardless of what the new normal in these uncertain and unprecedented times may hold.

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    I'm shopping for clothing for the upcoming cold and wet months that'd be easy to commute with too. With waterproof cycling bibs, its prolly obvious but do you guys have one for each day of the week if they're for cycling to work everyday? Can't imagine only have one pair for the week, but would still be costly to have so many?

    I'd imagine could probably get away with 1 x waterproof jacket + overshoes + cap as for the other items. I is well skint and would prefer the absolute minimum required but also a vain bastard so I'd want to go for quality gear.

    I have some overtrousers I used to wear over office trousers which were so baggy, and they're not really suited to riding with a fixie anyway. Essentially just want the minimum fuss of cycling without getting too wet or cold, and especially not getting me socks soggy.

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    Very tempted to make a bid, but have never used drop gear handlebars and would be very scared I may wipe out.