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    GXP BB's are something I have failed to break

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    Well, I do stop close to @hillbilly now, so there is every chance he could be behind it all.....

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    I always break things, snapped the bloody chain this morning....

    I may even be heavy than your good self (but not as charismatic or powerful) and I’ve always been hard on components/frames.

    Whilst not covering continents tweeting, I do a fair mileage and give the stuff a going over.

    I just expect things to work, give or take wear and tear, I put nearly 9000 miles into 10s apex and it was faultless, 1000 miles on this shit and it’s toast.

    Dibs noted....

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    I have the rim brake version, but overall it’s excellent. I also have no experience of Di2

    Set up is quite straight forwards on Etap if you take your time and since then I haven’t had it miss a beat.

    I used it on Paris Roubaix with silly carbon chainrings and it performed faultlessly. Shifting is instant and positive and most importantly, the LED on the rear mech looks cool at night

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    I think it is a big issue and if what you say is true, then it’s a real shame.

    The volume of sales shouldn’t matter, their manufacturing should. Madison are pretty slow on the warranty guff as well. If they know something is going to be repeatedly shit, they are daft to release it.

    I pretty much used to ride Campag exclusively and found it well made and robust. It only went to shit when the 11speed came out and it was obviously (to me) manufactured far more cheaply. It kept failing, I got it warrantied, I got bored and went back to 10speed Ti Record.

    I only bought Etap because when my Eastway arrived it had 10s apex on it and over the 5years I abused it it never missed a beat. Etap hasn’t so far either.

    Basically I’m just pissed off with the groupset and its all in the eye of the beholder anyway.

    Someone will get a bargain on here when I flog it anyway 😂

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    Maybe I was spoilt by my first road Shimano experience being 6800 then.

    I have had XTR, XT and SLX on mtbs and they have been faultless.

    I just won’t by Shimano Road groupset again, especially if you are confirming they are relatively common faults.

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    I get the feeling they scrimped on the manufacturing.

    Even the hoods seem to scuff up easily......

    ah well, Etap on everything from now on :)

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    Track bike paint looks to be happening as well, so that should be with me shortly.

    Re-sent the Intercity liveries to Matt, so more train based bikes out there soon.

    My search for a Flyer have also taken an interesting turn......hopefully more on that soon as wellhttps://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3230­96

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    Cross and CROSS post from groupset thread

    R8000 on the Isen is doing my head in

    Anyone else think R8000 is fucking awful/had multiple issues with it?

    I am really disappointed with it, especially after putting 6800 on my winter bike and it being faultless through a Scottish winter with little maintenance

    in a 1000 miles commuting/lanes in London R800 has delighted me with

    Both calipers piston seals failing (common fault appaz)
    Left hand Brifter failed completely
    Rear disc warped, just because it fancied it.
    BB give up (not gs specific but annoying)

    It also feels very flappy, cheaply made and indirect on shifting (compared to 6800, not campag), swapping cables hasn't changed this either.

    I will say though that the front mech is an improvement over the 6800 though.

    Aaah that feels better

    rant over