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Please shoot me an email for any paint related enquiries, PM's via the forum will probably go un-noticed.
Email for paint enquiries: rob@colourburnstudio.com

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    W.I.P pic for your needs. Will be back with you on Wednesday.... feel free to share away once it’s all finished!

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    Didn’t realise this project was a forum bike! I rarely check in here these days to be fair though.

    Sorry for embargo request - sometimes customers I send W.I.P photos to share them online in their excitement, and it’s not always made clear that it’s not a finished job in said photos.... it’s not ideal having people see unfinished work and possibly assuming that it is the finished article!

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    I’d be interested in it TBH, but only to repair, paint and sell on as it’s too big for me.

    Would need postage though.

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    Oh yeah, fixable for sure. Just trying to shed some light on likely cause. Sanding off paint on carbon frames, especially super lightweight ones like this is really not a good idea if the person undertaking it doesn’t really know what they’re doing. It’s incredibly easy to critically weaken the frame without even realising.

    Fair play for being fully upfront about the issue in the ad.

    Pretty straight forward, and probably not too expensive repair, especially as there is no paint to have to fix too. Total bargain all in for whoever picked it up! I used to have one of these a couple years back. Loved it.

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    assuming someone has stripped the paint off this, as that is deffo not a factory finish.

    Looks to me as if whoever removed the paint also removed a fair amount of carbon from that spot on the top tube, which would make
    It flex in that spot exactly as you describe. You can also see from the grain that a few layers of the lay up have been sanded through quite clearly in the photo.

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    Thanks! Painted as an process experiment.... came out a little more 'EF' than originally intened though!

    Another price drop whilst im here.

    Can also re paint these to suit buyers tastes if needed. Cost would depend on design, but happy to it at pretty much cost.