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    Good thread,
    Here's my recommendations to link up as you like:
    -Calder Glen on East side of East Kilbride
    -West Highland way, starting at mugdock and on as far as you like...
    -Upper part of the Kelvin, runs between Maryhill park and the Balmore road, extendable all the way to Milngavie
    -Track from Carbeth over to Hardgate, crosses the bridges on Concho Loch
    -Track from Baldernock Lynn over Blackskiath Muir and down past Lennox castle. (single track in the forest!)
    -There is a path from Kilearn to Strathblane parallel to the A81, to the NW, sadly there about 548 gates to go through, great spot though
    -All of loch Ard Forest
    -3 lochs drive is superb
    -Not tried it, but I reckon, you could do the flatter sections of Ben Lomond tourist path on a quiet day*

    That's some of what I've tried over the years, loads more I can think of to do, I'll report when I do.

    Anyone fancy some group rides?

    *Bonus, a superb day from glasgow, is a cycle to Rowardennan, up and down ben Lomond and cycle home. Extra points if you manage to take a drop bar bike to the top

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    650b rando-fixie

    16mm^2 ring crimp flattened in vice, drilled and bent to make light bracket, bolt to brake pad

    3mm p clips in triangles of drop out

    Draw bolt to long bolt through brake bridge to hold mudguard

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    135 (NOS)
    1 x 42T Stronglight Dural £15 posted

    130 (all NOS)
    2 x 53T Steel £11 posted
    2 x 52T Steel £11 posted

    122 BCD
    2 x 42T NOS alloy £18 posted
    1 x 42T either very old or very lightly used £15 posted
    1 x 52T either very old or very lightly used £15 posted

    118 BCD
    1 x 52T alloy £16 posted
    1 x 42T alloy £14 posted

    110 BCD
    1 x 48t steel sakae OvalTech (Biopace) £10
    1 x 34t 9 speed slightly used shimano sg-x £10

    102 BCD
    1 x 32T used £5

    94 BCD
    2 x 32t Specialites Zircal 7075 new in packaging £20 posted

    86 BCD
    Numerous 52T rings £6 each

    74 BCD
    1 x 28T Biopace chrome steel inner £10 posted
    1 x 26T Stronglight chrome steel inner £10 posted

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    For sale:
    1 x 48T 1/8 track ring alloy, black £20 posted
    1 x 46T 1/8 track ring alloy, black £20 posted

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    I'd like a pair of raids please. I really just need the arms as I can cobble together the rest, but it would nice to get everything in decent condition.


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