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    Don’t know if you’ve moved yet but Corsham worth a look? Got a few decent restaurants/shops/cafes with a bit going on, easy access to motorway and train at Chippenham for further afield?

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    Just took my own advice and bought a kilo - glad to hear it’s drinking nicely, hopefully will have the same results!

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    Round hill are my local, very tasty and have a 20% discount on atm - might be worth a look.

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    Second dibs on the quadlock and spoon please - Bath based and could collect from Bristol tomorrow evening!

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    Might it be Colonna? They have been doing collabs with Rapha for a little while now

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    @mmccarthy @Jonny69 @Scrabble thanks for the in depth tips - I really appreciate it. will get practicing with the milk and try just using the double basket for a bit.

    I suspect it’s due to old beans, but I’ve been struggling to get an espresso out of the machine with the same depth/strength and crema as from a decent coffee shop. Is this just something one has to put up with if you don’t have a commercial machine?

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    Been spoilt and got given a Sage Barista Express for my birthday, but struggling to get to grips with a couple of things. Firstly, is it normal to require completely different grind and dose settings when changing between a single and double portafilter basket? If I dial it in for single it then completely under extracts for the double if I leave the settings the same. Secondly, I’ve been following guidelines for milk texturing but always seem to end up with a cap of over-foamed milk that then pours first, so latte-art (although not important for taste) is not an option. Any guidance / insider knowledge on the machine would be mich appreciated.

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    Any leads for forum-approved Fauxkleys/Poc-Offs? Had a look Through most of the recent links and they seem to be dead. Thanks!

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    See also the Forza Win Custardo - made it the other day with fancy supermarket custard and it’s bloody tasty