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    Price drop £725

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    Also have a brand new silver 32h Sturmey Archer S2C hub with 22T sprocket if anyone wants to try a similar project. £60

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    Just listed my Automatix Brompton in the classifieds if anyone’s looking for one, fun ride

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    Sad sale due to change in job, ironically I don’t have the space for it. Was a really fun project, and it looks pretty lean.

    The good:
    -SRAM Automatix 2 speed coaster brake hub. Changes speed automatically, kick back coast brake hub. This means no cables going to the rear (16T). No longer made, especially rare in 28 hole drillings
    -Brand new Shimano bottom bracket
    -Brand new crankset with spare ring (50T and 54T, with guards for both)
    -Upgraded lock on grips
    -Brand new regular length seatpost
    -Extended seatpost
    -Upgraded Easy wheels
    -Firm suspension
    -Extra firm titanium suspension spring
    -Brand new front and rear wheels
    -Brompton toolkit
    -Inner tube stashed main tube
    -Brand new kojak front tyre, rear is only a few months old
    -Brand new chain
    -Recently stripped, washed and reassembled as part of the build
    -Homemade toe straps. Easily removable if you don’t get on with them
    -Brand new jockey wheels
    -Original 2 speed wheelset, brakes and transmission kit included
    -Ikea Dimpa bag for transport/storage
    -Comes with original receipts/manual/cyclesurgery documentation

    The bad:
    -Frame paint has had a few small chips as expected, I’ve gone over these with a paint pen
    -When pedalling hard the chain occasionally skips. A new rear sprocket should fix this, was the only part of the transmission I didn’t upgrade. Sturmey sprockets are usually a fiver posted.
    -Front brake is a little spongy. Original brakes are included, so could swap back to those if preferred.
    -Old wheelset and transmission is pretty used. Would need a new cable and sprockets.

    Sadly not splitting (unless everything can be vouched for) as I’m moving soon and need everything gone. Let me know if the price is way off, but loads of new and upgraded stuff on there, and a pretty unique set up. Donation to forum once sold.


    Collection from Balham / Kings Cross on the weekends only. Thanks!

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    Sorted, cheers

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    Hi all, anyone near Dudley area fancy picking up and boxing a bike ready for a courier? Happy to pay for the faff :) cheers

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    Cheers for all the responses, really useful