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    ^^^ Ahhhh, upset some I see...

    When I were a lad, the term "faggot" meant a ball or roll of seasoned chopped liver, baked or fried.

    Now, it seems it is a homosexual.

    As this site is "so-right-on", I don't want to offend anyone (like I'm worried) so I will change the word to plump-fat-people.

    Carry on, fence dwellers...

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    ^ and WTF does that prove?

    If I was riding past in a car and saw that bunch of podgy-plump-fat-people lying all over the road, I would call an ambulance and the police.

    Fucking Sportive riders being knobs.

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    Yeah, 3-legged mutant bear-dogs should probably have right-of-way.

    Try riding on the Worth Way in West/East Sussex.

    The dog owners are mutant three legged bell ends whom own the Sustrans track.

    Foul mouthed also.

    They taught me everything...

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    What bikes do you ride, have any of them ever been ridden by cheats? Or do you just discriminate against texans?

    Reported for texanism.

    Pete Matthews.
    Dave Hinde.
    Paul Milnes.
    Flying Scot.
    Several others, mostly hand built by British builders.

    Take your pick, and I don't hate Texans, but Lance is the uber motherfucker of cheating shit snorting EPO'd ten gallon hat finger jockeys that has ever sat on a bicycle, along with his red white 'n' blue rat fink cheating Postal "team".

    and he wasn't very nice to Mr. Lemond too.

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    Get a bike fit if you haven't already. That costs a fraction of the price of a new bike, and I'd be surprised if it didn't make a welcome difference to your existing bike.

    I don't get this "bike-fit" m'larky.

    In the good ol' days, when you went to buy a bike, the geezer selling the bike knew what was decent for you and with a tweak here and there, you got a decent bike at the right size.

    Now you have some PhDeed up boffin, with feckin lazers etc. telling you how to get the most power out of a pedal FFS.

    My mate spent money on one of these "bike-fit" shite things, and spent three months off the bike with hamstring problems, when all along I was telling him his saddle was too high.

    Utter shite.


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    trek domane

    test ride one and you will understand

    I won't ride a bike from a company that supported a drug fuelled Texan...

    and they weren't very nice to Mr. Lemond either.


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    Silver Sunbeam: relaxed, or what?

    As you can see, I've managed to ride some way from London on it, in spite of its drawbacks.

    Fuck me! That's a bed on wheels!!!

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    It was a closed road event, and certainly not a race.

    Normal rules may not apply...
    Then why were there cars on the road?

    I got held up just behind the ambulance that came to pick the first guy
    up. It looked like he had carried straight on where the road had not.
    That's very sad. I've just seen the local news. Hope he pulls through.

    You sound like Jeez with a short temper.
    Thank You x

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    The whole of the London to Brighton entourage that fucked up my Sunday morning meander on West Sussex council's neglected shit catching potholed filled lanes yesterday.

    Never, in my whole life on two wheels have I seen such a bunch of fucking idiots whom shouldn't be given a roller skate, never mind a whole fucking bicycle to be in charge of.

    Unfortunately, I sheepishly joined the rabble, and within 10 seconds, one prick had hit a brightly coloured orange cone.


    In a road race, you can't cross the white line (unless the road is closed) and these fuckers where five abreast.

    Also, twats were wearing headphones; so they couldn't hear you when asking for a bit of room to pass, and many had this weird ability to suddenly turn at lightning speed without warning and looking behind them first, as if they were using a TRON lightcycle of sumfin.

    Quite fuckin' remarkable.

    The WHOLE FUCKING LOT OF THEM SHOULD GO ON A BICYCLE AWARENESS COURSE before they hurt themselves or others in their vicinity.