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    I think it was a cold week in October that caught me out.

    You’ve got the whole summer ahead of you so you’ll be good.

    Look forward to seeing it progress!!

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    Not quite! But I’m terrible for procrastination.

    SABB engine was first boat.
    Fit out boat was 2nd boat, a 10year old sail away that the original owner had never really started.

    I’m not on it at the minute. I moved out of town for work, got a nice rural mooring. Was living the dream, had a lovely 3 mile rural tow path commute.
    The job was bad though and I had a girlfriend in London so was always back staying with her.

    No more girlfriend and a bit of work near the boat lined up from mid May so I’ll be back on it then which will be nice.

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    I had a boat with one of those engines, I don’t know anything about engines but it looked very well built and did make a good noise. We didn’t have all the smart control panels though! The whole boat used to shake if you ever needed to use it to top the batteries up. Solar panels though and you won’t need to worry about that too much.

    Boat looks great. Good luck with the project!

    I so don’t miss the living in a part fitted out boat.
    Mattress is flipped up and of sight, used to sit on the bags of parquet floor and cook pasta on the camping stove, had to eat it in bed when there was a cold snap and I’d not yet installed stove.

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    Can I have the 7sp cassette and the callipers please.
    West Norwood? Will pm now.

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    I’ll buy the 70mm raceface stem if still available please.

    Will PM now.

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    Not that you can see from these photos but; these run up because there’s a tall cupboard involved.
    But then the bench runs the other way as it’s long and thin.

    Your wide drawers will suit it better running horizontally, in my opinion.

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    I am not an expert but what I understand is; If you’re careful and don’t break it you should be able to take it down yourself? Paper suit and a good dust mask with appropriate filters would be good. Dispose of ppe as asbestos waste.

    The guidance on the service in London is that it needs wrapping in thick poly sheet and labelled as asbestos for them to then collect it.

    I also have a garage that is clad in cement board that I guess contains asbestos, also a bit wary of taking it down myself but got a company to come and take a sample for testing last week and the dude they sent just walked in with a hammer and started smashing at the wall.
    No PPE, no special extraction or anything. Also, I was standing right there. Not that cool but also it made me feel like if that’s how they go on I’d be up for carefully removing the material myself.

    I’ve not got the result yet but it cost £180 with the vat. I’m sure I could have found it cheaper (Quick google search reckons testing available from £90) but I was already on the phone to the company trying to get a price for them to collect it so...

    Though they’ve not given me a price yet, they said they’d charge the same to take down and dispose of as they would just to collect and dispose of. When they come back with a price I’ll let you know for reference.

    This is a long post already but thought I’d better say; I’m not looking to play down the dangers of asbestos or looking to encourage anyone into putting their health at risk with DIY asbestos removal. Just sharing my limited experience of it so far.