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    Time to reply,

    I rang Charlie immediately (after business hours)as soon as paypal told me via email, I only had £124 in paypal for some £125 jones bars (a genuine mistake, I didn't even know what an echeque was). I rang the morning after and paid by card and paid extra for 24 hours delivery.

    Waited, no parcel and no one answered Charlie's phone, despite ringing during business hours and leaving messages.

    No parcel the day after, parcel force said they were looking into the issue....at this point I had paid £138 to a business that didn't answer their phones or returned calls (messages left), I didn't know Charlie, I found him on the net and only bought a small order before(some sprockets I think). I was getting suspicious.

    Day after no parcel and still no contact from Charlie or phonecalls answered, at this point, for all I knew, I had been scammed. Parcel force still promised to look into this issue and ring back, they never did.

    It got to 7pm Friday, I had been told by parcelforce that they didn't deliver on weekends, they hadn't told me anything. So I was basically told that it would be Monday at the earliest, if at all.

    So, I was getting antsy and emailed Charlie and left Charlie a message that I was going to call the bank and report that I'd bought something off the net and it hadn't turned up, to see if I was covered or money could be returned ( I dunno, never happened to me before).

    So I'd wasted 2 days hanging around for a £125 set of bars from an Internet business who didn't answer phonecalls or return messages. As far as I knew I'd been ripped off.

    So I thought I'd warn people on here, you know that being the point of bad traders. I really wish I hadn't and I got caught up in petty arguments because I was stressed as I thought I'd been ripped off.

    I do feel I received poor after sales from Charlie, he reported he had his reasons, but when I buy off other Internet businesses and something goes array, they answer their phones or return calls. Basic business sense, keep customers happy and they'll come back.

    I was thinking of getting a full jones ti frame and may still do, but sorry Charlie, it probably wont be from yourself.

    I put Charlie in here to warn others as I'd simply thought I'd been screwed over.

    Charlie I have deleted all my posts, others have quoted them, I can't do anything about that, sorry.

    Perhaps I over reacted, but I simply didn't know what was going on.

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    You've obviously got a beef with me, just Nerg me and move on.

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    Move on dude. As I said, if my delivery charges are refunded as promised I'll edit the post.

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    Amazing designer and bike aficionado, he will be sadly missed by a lot of people in the cycling community.


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    Dr Chan added, I'm buying some more stuff from him and forgot to add him last time.

    • Aches & Pains -- good delivery and super cheap!
      -adman--did more web research on current price of bits between dibbing and picking them up and dropped price completely unprompted. + 2 very smooth transaction
    • Adroit- Great seller, honest prices. +2
    • Adscan- bought a PSP of the man, better than well chuffed. package arrived via matter transfer.
    • Aidy40 - bought a frame off him, nice frame, nice guy, nice delivery, well packaged. Very happy.
    • ALDI
    • amey
    • andyfallsoff +2
    • Andypancake +5 Absolute gent... and some nice goodies. Ta fella.
    • Andy.W +2 (top trader - collected and posted a bike for me a long time ago)
    • AngelD + 7: sold me some SRAM Omniums for a good price, and dealt with the shipping etc very well. They came polished to a shine and packed really safely in a proper chainset box. Nice one!
    • apolloxl +21 met within 20 minutes of dibbing item, great guy!/ excellent sale /
    • Arantrek - lovely wheels, run v nicely, v pleased & nice bloke
    • Archie's Grobags +4
    • Aroogah +2
    • Arup +2
    • Ascari - nice helpful guy, came to the station to meet me
    • b4b - Good communication, deal was pretty good. Thanks!
    • babydinotrackboy
    • belgiangoth - sorted me out a nice cheap replacement wheel in double-quick time for polo
    • Benjybars +5
    • benottomadmax - Got a saddle and a couple of sprokets off Oscar - no messing around, good lad!
    • Berniebike +1 great communication, frame packed brilliantly, next day delivery ace
    • Bespokebicycle - exactly as the label on the tin. Many thanks.
    • bicicletta6655, frame sent outside ebay, even made an effort to include a seat post!
    • Bigben
    • Bikejunk
    • B'jammin - super helpful, thanks for the rims! +2
    • Björn - They say good service only shows when something goes wrong; in this case inept couriers ;)
    • Black Rainbow Project. +1 Brought from Scott twice now....A Top Bloke....Cheers.
    • Bluerip00 easy transaction
    • Bobbycutters
    • Booba - Thanks, easy pickup, great communication.
    • Brig7 - Bike arrived in perfect condition and well packed in about 3 days from Holland + 1 - pleasure dealing with
    • broken_777 +7 Excellent speedy wheel builds at a great price and mega strong; always good work
    • Buddha Fingaz +1
      -c4shr +1 amazing response time and description of product, met up the very next day with the option of a couple times, good directions, honest description of product, fair price, good advice, top guy, 10/10 all round!!!
    • Cake - Item as described and pleasure to deal with!
    • Carl
    • CasaSteve - Stuff came in a Wiggle box and it was so well packed I actually thought I'd forgotten - about a wiggle order! Plus a good guy.
    • catfood - bargain wheels and even brought them to Souths for me +1
    • Chegas - Worked out a good deal, answered all my questions, stayed in touch etc etc.
    • Cheesecake_intl - great packaging of frame and very easy to deal with +1
    • Chompy - Nice wheels as promised, friendly Pm's, and delivery was swift. Cheers ears. +3
    • ChrisMGS +1
    • chokalateboywonder
    • cipolinni +2 Well packaged, missing bit followed shortly afterwards
    • Citron +1 Very friendly trader!
    • Colm +4 Shiny Dura Ace by post at good prices, prompt delivery
    • Cohen - great international transaction
    • cornelius blackfoot - thanks for the wheels
    • colnago_costa +27
    • Crows +1
    • D- Generate - The guy is an absolute don. Thanks for the light, and best of luck with the babe!
    • Dalester
    • 'Dan
    • Danb - kept me up to date, well packaged and pretty speedy all things considered. +1
    • darstachy (spent £300+ in one go, did exactly as he said he would)+1
    • Darwin - fast and cheap
    • Dazzling - Pleasure to deal with, good comms ;-)
    • Deegee - Bought some campag crank bolts - very fast delivery, top notch bloke
    • DFP (bought dropbars, quick delivery, considerately packed, good contact)
    • Dirty Harry +2 (and his brother)
    • dmczone +4 (very professional and good service)
    • Dogsballs wheel builds -alarmingly quick but good wheel builds) +2
    • Doktor P. Although I suspect he's not really a doctor ;-)
    • Domwarman - Nice easy transaction and good communication.
    • Doosh - Quick, lots of communication.
    • Dootroy - Bought some forks- great wrapping with kodak film paper! nice
    • Downlo - Quicker than Wiggle.
    • dr fast
    • Dr Chan
    • drunk - great contact, fast shipment
    • Dumps, v. helpful seller.
    • East End Images +6 very cheap and very quick, a lovely chap
    • EdScoble - delivered a wheel to my work when I was in need. helpful and friendly, thanks.
    • Eightball– great comms and quick post. Excellent deal on bag
    • Erikfox, Erik supplied me with a lovely Gazelle frame with thanks +3
    • eyebrows - Cannot BELIEVE he's not on this list yet! - agreed, the man is a legend - ta henry - super, cannot recommend enough, super cool! +5
    • F34Rthefixed
    • Fahrgestell - top bloke. joker! and good bit of banter when doing our deal.
    • Faso
    • fasteddy – recently purchased a fairly expensive wheelset from me and certainly deserves a bit of recognition for it!
    • Fixado
    • Flowmont
    • Forms
    • Fox +5
    • Fruit (Just one of the most helpful people) +1
    • Germaneddie - bought lots of stuff from him at jumbles and other places. very helpful and good prices +2
    • Goldbuddha +1 for making things simple and sorting out extra new bolts.
    • Hammo +1 Posted despite saying pick up only and then didn't charge any extra for it. Great guy....This is also for the Condor Pista frame
    • harlsden - good chap and experienced tourer with lots of stories - straight and honest
    • Harry Major +1
    • harv4130 - not only did he post me a cog for free/gratis/nada, he then sorted me a nice stem out for super cheap.
    • Heythropbikepolosoc - all good
    • Hilarystone (of course-he's like the lfgss Tesco, but better) +17
    • heavisides really nice guy, met me at euston, great bike and even better deal.
    • Hobo - Great seller, kindly posted and in super quick time too!
    • horatio +1
    • Howard - Easy comms and good postage times!
    • iamdavid - very quick delivery/postage, perfect as described
    • i am john - great packing
    • IAmNotARobot - Made a big diversion to meet me, then gave me stuff for free when I had no change.
    • IDOnothing
    • igloo69
    • jambon - +4, packaging was first rate
    • Jammy - Top guy, was willing to hold seatpost while funds arrived! And it's the busniz!
    • JB
    • Janet Jackson
    • JD - bought a frame to be sent to australia, ultra smooth transaction, good communication, all round stand up guy. Frame arrived packed excellent, cant wait to deal again.
    • JC Chapi - Bought a frame. Very well packed. Great communication.
    • Jed - brought the item to me to make my life easier. Lovely bloke.
    • Jermaine Jackson
    • Jessberry, nextday delivery
    • Jimalex - +3 Honest and trustworthy fella, posted before i paid!
    • jimjamosullivan- incredible effort. +2 never fails to respond to pm's, even if you are incredibly naggy! great seller
    • JIMMEH (very quickly delivered.) +2
    • Joe1983 +3
    • joelipol Thanks for the lovely red retro jersey....a star!
    • jonny +1
    • jontizzle91 - good price on Garmin speed sensor (new in box!) and fast post. Cheers
    • Kay nice group set ad fast delivery from Belgium!
    • kid_scruff quick delivery + quality sale
    • Kingcutter +49[and more besides]
      jenbrad123 fab wheels great service thanks.
    • King Saxlingham
    • KLM - genuinely nice guy, I rate him
    • knowthejo +1
    • kucharz66 fast delivery and brilliant price!
    • lae- +1 Good seller, polite, and offered me a drink! Honest too , wheels are just what i needed, thanks
    • leotandph12 - Thank you for the snipe sir. Good man.
    • leozon - Great international transaction. thanks. +1
    • Lew_redd - fast delivery, well packaged and even got insurance on the posting of the frame
    • loafheads - everything went nice and smooth. thanks for the deal!
    • longman1971- fast, simple and brilliant deal. Well pleased.
    • Maelstrom
    • Markyboy: nice and quick handling!
    • Marxist_fixie - + 1 Pleasure to deal with, Got what i wanted the next morning!
    • mashergirl +1
    • MatP - Received a few parts in lovely condition, quite literally as new. safely packed and swiftly delivered. spot on!
    • maxcrowe (traded seatpost + bought some sweet S75's)
    • mdcc_tester +3
    • Mechamorgan - Great comms and pleasure to deal with!
    • Mechanical_Vandal - good comms and quick postage. Items exactly as described.
    • Meds
    • Meetthebadger - Replies almost instantly, payment prompt! A+
    • Michael Jackson
    • miro_0 - Reliable, great price and super quick delivey. 531.
    • Mr Bump - nice guy!
    • Mr Cow - +1 Needed rear wheel today, picked up today, great comms, what a gent.
    • MrLemon - really helpful and well priced, worked around my schedule to meet
    • Mr Lunch - Be confident that whatever you buy off him it'll be packaged so damn well it could likely survive a nuclear apocalypse - or worse - the cack-handedness of a courier.
    • Munky + 1 - Had the bars in my hand half an hour after dibsing. Champ.
    • nefarious
    • Nickyboy
    • Nigel182 - Bought from and Sold to - smooth transaction both times.
    • No1 - Bought a few bits of him on several occasions. Pleasure to deal with. Great guy! Thx;)
    • ntc
    • number6 - +6 quickest postage in the land! and good guy to boot.
    • Nuknow +5
    • NurseHolliday - went well out of his way to deliver me a part, top chap
    • Nuts - very helpful in posting a cheap frame that I wasn't able to collect
    • Orko42 +2 (Quality trader, did everything to make me as happy as possible, top man!)
    • pajamas - Overdue Anyway, great build, great bike, fair price/top bloke/great wheels. +3
    • Paramounted +2 (Dealt with 3 times, top bloke!)
    • papercrate
    • PeterV +14 (extremely helpful, extremely friendly and sends a well-packed bike fast)
    • Philosovril
    • PhilS - Items well packaged and good communication. Decent chap!
    • Philxthomas +1
    • Pifko +2
    • Pistanator +1
    • Pistoffski +16 (super polite & straight up, delivered just as promised) A true Gent.
    • Platini
    • PortsmouthFixedGear - Had to go to portsmouth to trade frames but was worth it - chucked in some very nice parts too
    • pricey
    • Prince
    • ProMarker
    • rhb
    • Rawrrr - only a small sale but very helpful and friendly
    • rbh0riz0n - Quick communication, posted asap, & pedals smoother than expected. Bam.
    • Readview - Sold me a nice frame. Posted next day. Friendly too. Thanks.
    • Re-cycled +1
    • Red-biff. Nice guy, easy to deal with, great frame!
    • Rega
    • Reginald (bought bars months ago - v helpful)
    • RetroDiCorsa +15 He is the Man!
    • Roberto (example to follow) +2
    • rocksteady
    • richoking - great communication, friendly to deal with and a great price.
    • RIH (bought bike very well packed from Holland) +14. MF says you a good man
    • Rik +5
    • Robertoegg
    • Rodolfo
    • roowilliams - picked up some forks - no fuss
    • Roy_Airs - absolutely chuffed with the saddle, friendly and honest chap. Thanks! +1
    • RPM
    • Sacredhart - Lovely bike, good price, good trader. Would recommend
    • samdaniel +1 winner of best packaged frame award - and best packaged wheels award
    • samson + 1, great swap made bloody easy, much appreciated.
    • sash +4 Very nice, sat and had a cuppa and a free camera to boot!
    • Sharkstar - went out of his way
    • Schnitter - 2 good transactions
    • Sheathy
    • shinkuu kiss +1
    • Shuai - Good transaction, fast shipping, great packaging.
    • Simplex NL +18 (extremely nice and an excellent bike packer, great bike, perfect condition, great price. excellent communication and good delivery)
    • Singspeed - punctual. friendly, and good guy. +3
    • Sirf - couple of things weren't originally perfect and he fixed it up! great guy.
    • skelator - +1 good price, well packaged and just as described. sorted thanks!
    • Skully
    • Smallbrownbike (Matt) - Fast shipping, nice guy to deal with. Cheers.
    • snowyagain
    • socialamnesia +7 (very Excellent - total dude- more than helpful. cannot fault.)
    • Solarider
    • spaghettihoops +2
    • Sparky - Cheers for the cateye!
    • Spinto - bought some well used Ksyriums at a good price, friendly chap and didn't mind my getting caught in traffic and turning up late...
    • spin2win
    • Spotter - +3. I generally like him =))
    • Stedlocks - nice bike, super condition, great price, lovely guy. Safe.+1 gave up his violet hip pouch for me!
    • Steelarts +1 This guy sure knows how to pack a bike.
    • Sumo - +2 Bought forks and headset, lovely job, simple as.
    • supersonik-zlad - thanks for Les
    • sushigeezer - bought half link chain and hurley laptop bag today - almost brand new for £20, thanks dude : )
      -swedeee Fast, simple transaction!
    • teenslain +2 top sowf london geezer
    • Tee Tee +1
    • Tel +22 - friendly, fast and fantastic packaging.
    • Temper_Temper
    • Tenderloin - thanks!
    • The Bonk +4
    • The_BMX-KId
    • TheBrick(Tommy)
    • The Caped Crusader - Quick delivery, 2 days from Lisboa! well packaged, kosher.
    • TheCrane +2
    • The devils falcon - +4 Really nice guy and he goes the extra mile with requests
    • Tilover +3 prompt delivery, and reserved an item for me for a very long time, cheers!
    • Tito Jackson +1
    • TM/Malaysian +3 - send me a saddle as good as new, before even having paid, at very reasonable price. cheers / excellent communication, very helpful, well packed frame
    • ToeByeErs
    • tolokobcn, easy transaction and fast shipping!
    • Tombardo- good comms, bike as described, great price
    • tomd - reliable, very quick postage, items always as promised
    • tommmmmmm +2
    • tomsvoboda - bought a saddle, excellent condition and top bloke
    • Tonydiamond
    • tsou +1
    • Twatith
    • twiltshire
    • Unit lost +1 - Nice chap in Lithuania, helpful and prompt.
    • umop3pisdn +1 - Quick shipping, good communication! Thanks
    • Upstart - top bloke, I know I'm not the only one.
    • Varno +9 (Five brilliant transactions, good seller)
    • velocipede65
    • Vince +1
    • VintageBikeCave - found some obscure parts for me then sorted me out with new bits when I found some of the old stuff was worn. Graham & Betty, legends.
    • Virgil +3 Great price and well packaged - cheers!
    • wblenkin - +2 > 2 deals, one sale, one buy, both good
      weaselyone - pleasure to do business with
    • Weslito - stand up guy, really nice & easy to deal with
    • Wharry - Cheers for the setup, well packaged and in pretty much mint condition!
    • whatok was very easy to contact and meet up with, and friendly once I got there. And gave me what - I wanted for free.
    • Wicksie
    • WjPrince
    • Xander - Excellent guy.
    • XMAN
    • Yap
    • yeahnerdz +5 - Good Comms, and a speedy delivery too... Top Bloke. And give out free nuts!
    • YesNoGame
    • Yetidamo - good deal!
    • yogicabbage
    • Yorkiefix: great deal, came real quick
    • zieleman +3
    • zygowski
    • 1000archangels +1
    • 1894mk2
    • 313 - Nice wheels. Easy transaction. Thanks, start of the new build.
    • 36x18 - brilliant service, really quick wheel build turn around :) +2
    • 606 - Bought a Langster off him, rides sweetly, he even threw in a 3rd tyre, mtb grips and straight handlebars and some road bike shifters
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    winter tyres help a lot on a car and a bike.

    Winter Tyres v Summer Tyres: the Truth! - Auto Express - YouTube

    Just put some our cars as we live at 265m....they're really good on ice and snow better than the chains we've used the last few winters.

    Edit: that's one of the videos that convinced me to spend all that money.

    Spikes on the mtb....missing the fixie tho.

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    What steerer size on hope stem? If its 1 1/8th I'll dibs that as well.