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    Hi all,
    Has anyone a Nagasawa frame forks or full bike in 58cm or I could make do with a 56cm? Cheer in advance.

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    Time to reply,

    I rang Charlie immediately (after business hours)as soon as paypal told me via email, I only had £124 in paypal for some £125 jones bars (a genuine mistake, I didn't even know what an echeque was). I rang the morning after and paid by card and paid extra for 24 hours delivery.

    Waited, no parcel and no one answered Charlie's phone, despite ringing during business hours and leaving messages.

    No parcel the day after, parcel force said they were looking into the issue....at this point I had paid £138 to a business that didn't answer their phones or returned calls (messages left), I didn't know Charlie, I found him on the net and only bought a small order before(some sprockets I think). I was getting suspicious.

    Day after no parcel and still no contact from Charlie or phonecalls answered, at this point, for all I knew, I had been scammed. Parcel force still promised to look into this issue and ring back, they never did.

    It got to 7pm Friday, I had been told by parcelforce that they didn't deliver on weekends, they hadn't told me anything. So I was basically told that it would be Monday at the earliest, if at all.

    So, I was getting antsy and emailed Charlie and left Charlie a message that I was going to call the bank and report that I'd bought something off the net and it hadn't turned up, to see if I was covered or money could be returned ( I dunno, never happened to me before).

    So I'd wasted 2 days hanging around for a £125 set of bars from an Internet business who didn't answer phonecalls or return messages. As far as I knew I'd been ripped off.

    So I thought I'd warn people on here, you know that being the point of bad traders. I really wish I hadn't and I got caught up in petty arguments because I was stressed as I thought I'd been ripped off.

    I do feel I received poor after sales from Charlie, he reported he had his reasons, but when I buy off other Internet businesses and something goes array, they answer their phones or return calls. Basic business sense, keep customers happy and they'll come back.

    I was thinking of getting a full jones ti frame and may still do, but sorry Charlie, it probably wont be from yourself.

    I put Charlie in here to warn others as I'd simply thought I'd been screwed over.

    Charlie I have deleted all my posts, others have quoted them, I can't do anything about that, sorry.

    Perhaps I over reacted, but I simply didn't know what was going on.

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    You've obviously got a beef with me, just Nerg me and move on.

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    Move on dude. As I said, if my delivery charges are refunded as promised I'll edit the post.

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    Amazing designer and bike aficionado, he will be sadly missed by a lot of people in the cycling community.