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    Sonos does Spotify connect so no problem there.

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    In somewhat more positive anecdata, no one from my group of stewards seem to have got it. Maybe I should write a tweet about it...

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    I wore mine at weekend 1 :)

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    Not seen this sort of thing before and a quick Google didn't rustle up a UK version - does look like a pretty ideal camping option though

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    On the subject of instant, has anyone had a decent experience with any of the speciality instants? Have some camping coming up and can't be doing with bring a grinder/beans/some way of measuring

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    @Chopsicle Got my shirt this morning, it's really great and happy with the fit - thanks for the quick turnaround!

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    Translation courtesy of Google Lens:

    Still struggling to put words to the events of yesterday,
    the distress of these faces and these bruised bodies
    following this fall. I'm thinking of Julian, but also
    of all those heavily affected guys who had to see their
    lives go by, when at more than 70km/h the whistle of
    the peloton gave way to chaos, the sound of exploding
    equipment and human cries that arise . I am very touched by
    your messages, but I honestly think that anyone in
    this situation would absolutely have done the
    same - there is no competition in the face of the risk
    of physical integrity. Beyond the direct consequences,
    it leads me to think about our common responsibilities
    to avoid this kind of accident which could have
    been tragic, to the respect that we must grant each
    other as runners. I saw it all, I was right behind Tom
    Pidcock and Jérémy Cabot when they collided. The
    responsibility we have when we take risks to get a place
    at the front of the peloton can have serious consequences
    for the 100 guys behind us. I don't blame anyone, let
    alone hold the truth. Simply, we give ourselves body
    and soul for a sport, a passion for running which can
    in a flash turn tragic and hinder the beauty of sport.
    All my best wishes for recovery to the runners


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    Happy to wait, these look awesome!

    Glad to hear the cargo bibs aren't far away too (next Thursday), very likely I'll grab a pair https://www.lfgss.com/comments/16479833/­

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    Diablo IV free to play on gamepass day of release, might actually give it a go in that scenario.